10 things you should know before you visit Nigeria

 Nigeria is a country situated in west African part of the world, it’s also called a”GIANT OF AFRICA” due to the fact that nigeria has more stronger economic And raw material then any other country in Africa.

As a foreigner nigeria is very welcome to you and has an Amazing things you’ll ever think or expected till you go there.

1. Taking a vaccine:- as a traveler you need to see your doctor before you travel to any other country, in nigeria your expected to vaccinate the following 

√. Polio vaccine

√. Typhoid vaccine

√. Yellow fever

√. Measles vaccine

You can also check this NIGERIAN CENTER FOR DESEASE 

It’s very adviseble to go with your proof of vaccination as you may be ask in the airport.

2. Security :- nigeria as any other country there’s some security issue as normal as every country in the world but not as social media gadgets are explaining it, it’s only a few state in the north east has some security challenge.

Nigeria bandits are even afraid of white and caucasian do to the fact that security agencies are given special careness to the foreigners including tourist and contractors.

3. Nigeria is hot :- if you’re looking for sunshine nigeria will be very interesting to you, there’s Sunny weather for almost every 12 months in nigeria more especially northern part of the country.

Lagos, Cross River, Jos have moderate weather if you’re looking for it, Sokoto, Zamfara, Niger, BORNO, yobe and Adamawa has a hot weather if you’re looking for hot weather.

4. Traffic:- Lagos State has highest trafficking in nigeria so in this case you need finde an indegine of Lagos they May know some short Cort to baypass the traffic so as to save your time while traveling in the city.

5. Food :- Nigeria has a spicy food of your needs all over the country and the food is very cheap even in Abuja you can get very good plate of food for 2-3 dollars ecuvalent to 900 to 1500 Naira in Nigerian money.

In some state like Kano, kaduna you can get 2 dollars plate of food include chicken,

You can also find every type of food your looking for in Abuja and Lagos such as Japanese food, Chinese food and any other type of food your looking for.

Impact Nigerian food is very cheap and spicy.

Nigerian food

6. Local Transport :- the local Transport in nigeria is very simple you can easily get any type of transport your looking for and very cheap in terms of price, the type of transport your should use depends on where are you located and where are you going 

For example your in Abuja going to Kaduna you can simply use Abuja Kaduna train, Lagos to Kano or Delta state you simply follow the logzerios it is more secure than any other transportation means in nigeria.

There’s different companies like land sters, ifeanyi chuku, young shall, cross country and others.

7. English as a means of communication:- every body in nigeria is speaking english so if you can speak English worry less about the communication matters, even in a tipcal village you can find someone who’s capable of speaking english.

One amazing things about Nigerians is that they can help you to interprite you for free with out collecting a single kobo from you.

8. Friendly:- as a white or caucasian body Nigerian will welcome you to the extent you can never expected, every where you go people will be hiyying to you as soon as they realize that your White you’ll be hearing “HI” .

How ever they will be calling you”oyenbo” don’t consider it as insult, xenophobic or rude no they don’t know that at all, they like white people too much.

9. Religious beliefs:- Nigeria is a religious country to the extent you never think, there’s allot of Christian in south while allot of Muslims in the north vice versa but they are respecting each other in terms of religion.

As a Christian you can have a couches to worship and mosque to pray every where in the country, on Sunday most of the shop are not opening till after the prayers service while in the north shop are closing on Friday by 12am till 2pm after they have finished the prayers.

But no body will Force you to do that it’s just you’re own choices, you can choose to not close your shop and nothing will happen, there’s pridom of religious practice in Nigeria for every one.

But thay are practicing The religious every time even in the car while traveling you may hear some people start praying.

10. Money :- you need a some cash while traveling withing Nigeria because some people are not accepting card payment, but there’s availability of ATMs 🏧 in the country.

You can get an ATM and pos even in a tipcal village in nigeria.

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