2 legit ways to earn free Bitcoin cash in this 2021

 2 legit ways to make free Bitcoin

TWO simple way to earn free Bitcoin cash

In this article I will show you how to be earning Bitcoin Cash In a simple way, Many people are asking how to earn free Bitcoin SO today I will show you the way.

If you search online you will find many ways but at the end they might not pay you after a hard working.

Those two ways is legit and instant payment method, no need to reach thresholds as soon as you earn your Bitcoin you can get it in your wallet instantly.

1. Noise.cassh

2. Read.cassh

1. Noise.cash is new Bitcoin cash earning website which lunch in this December 2020.

Payment method is automatically.

How to earn in noise dot cash

Go-to there website and register with them, set up your wallet, and stert writing a tips in a shout box.

After you make a quote some people will donate a tips to you which will go to your wallet instantly.


Tips is some amount of dollar that noise cash is giving you to distribute as gifts to other members of the platform.


As your are making a good tips you will see your notification vell turn to red, by opening it you will see a notification telling you that you get some amount of dollar tips to distribute to someone in either your subscriber or someone that you like his Post.

Note tips is not what you gain rather what you’ll be gifting out, another members will donate there on tips to you which is your earnings.

How to set my wallet in noise dot cash?

Simply go-to your profile at the top right corner, click on My wallet you will see a space where you can pest your address and save.

Here’s the link to register in noise cash

Note: Bitcoin address like Bitcoin .com and Atomic wallet can be accepted in noise dot cash.

2. Read.cash this one is the most widely known as Bitcoin cash earning website before the lunch of noise. Cash that allows you to earn a legit money in a very simple and easy way.

Payment methods is instantly as you requested, no threshold needed.

You can use trust wallet to receive your payment.

How to earn from read. Cash?

Simply Register with them through there website, start writing an article of your choice.

The more people read your article the more you earn Bitcoin cash.

Note read. Cash is not accepting most of the African countries but you can use a strong VPN like Nord VPN to contact to America and continue  your work.

You can also donate to the publisher if you like his work.

Read dot cash register Link


√. No need of threshold

√. Payment is instantly in read. Cash while Automatically in noise. Cash.

√. You can Copy and pest in read. Cash while noise. Cash is Short write up.

√. No need of spending more time

√. They are not asking for transection fee or Registration fee.

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