3 sure ways of getting NYSC relocation

 In this article today I’ll be writing on 3 guarantee way that will grant you relocation as a corps members.
Relocation cycle
1. Health certificate
Health certificate is an important part of NYSC relocation documents which is better than having a mentor in Abuja.
There’s different between medical fitness and medical certificate,
 medical fitness is necessary for every PCM before he or she allowed to enter the camp, While medical certificate are certificate required for the relocation in the camp.
Note only serious illness can be considered such as tuberculosis, hypertension, asthma, hypertertis e.t.c
2. After you have your medical certificate, relocation form which will be collected from the NYSC registration office in the camp, then write your own application and submit it to the office you’ve collect the relocation form.
Relocation form sample
Please note NYSC are only giving a relocation to married woman with certificate of marriage and health ground which was your medical certificate please don’t mention security issue as your reason for applying relocation please they’ll just tell you that there’s no security challenge, all State with such issue is known by federal government such as BORNO etc.
Make sure you read the sign and symptoms of the illness you make your medical certificate about, know the drug related to your illness very well And finally goto the clinic for depends of relocation base on health ground.
With the following issue you can get a relocation with out spending a single kobo in any camp in nigeria but advisevely you can ask a help from Abuja or someone in the camp such as platoon officer etc.
In the next post I’ll write about how to get an Exeat in a camp?
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