9 excuse that helps you to avoid difficult activities in nysc camp

9 excuses that will help you to avoid difficult camp activities such as parred, man’o’war drills, sanitation and other activities that May be difficult to you.

Many prospective Corps members are just eager to go to camp without any knowledge about it which is very wrong, by the time you reach camp in such mistakes, you will spend the whole year in mistake because you cannot get what you want.

 So today in this article,e you will know The excuse you can use to avoid being sufferingg during the orientation, I will also suggest some article that will help you to get your relocation and even Exeat while orientation course is going on. 

1. Join red cross :- red cross vanguard ise not suffering in the camp, they are always sitting down waiting for someone to call there help, by joining red cross your safe my friend. 

2. Join band :- band also a simple group, you can join to avoid parade and any other activities in nysc camp, but mind you they are always doing rehearsal even after the morning meditatio , and other activities. 

Therefore, it will consume your time , but you will not suffer at all.

 3. Medication :- in this case you will introduce your letter of medication to the clinic in the camp then they will give you cover up letter to stop any camp activities. If you plan to be in medication category or you are truly in it make sure you made a medical certificate from home, without medical certificate anybody will consider you. hope the volume is ok. 

4. Camp clinic :- this is for medical personnels as a pharmacist, doctor or any other health personal you are free from any difficulties of nysc camp at all, Simply introduce yourself when they ask for health prospective Corps members and have permanent posting in the clinic without any hesitation.

 5. O.B.S :– this is another way to get an excuse in the camp, but its mostly for mass communicationsn corp but you can still join them and get the same excuse. 

6. Asthmatic :- if you tell them you have asthma and you are able to present the medical certificate about it then your safe because surely doctor will give you cover up letter. 

7. Pregnantt woman :- pregnantt woman has an automatic exeat in the camp as soon as they ask for it, and cannot perform any camp activities even if they choose to stay in the camp. 

8. Physical disability :- as a disable person you ise safe from camp activities either you like it or not but your safety is always matters by nysc camp officials. 

9. Camp police :- as a camp police you have the right to stay front of the hostel while the remaining Corps members are in the parade ground.

Here are some article I promise to suggest

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You can also drop your comments if you need another article then I will be very happy to help you out.

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