FG has started disbursement of 20,000 and 50,000 survival found, see how to check if you are Selected.

 The federal government of Nigeria has started distribution of survival found for those that apply it.

Covid-19 has forced the Nigerian government under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari to come with survival found program in order to reduce the explicit poverty in the country.

According to twitter handle of the federal government the disbursement of survival found has started if you received yours please show your testimony.

Here’s the testimonial screenshot of many Nigerian through their twitter handles across the country.

Survival found testimony

Survival found testimony

How to make testimony of survival found? 

All you do is to screenshot the payment goto your twitter account and make a posting about it with hashtags #igetsurvivalfuond.

How to check if I got survival found?

Firstly check your massage inbox in your phone, do not delete an SMS with out reading it in your phone 

Secondly goto your email account check your inbox and Spam folder very well, with this I’m very sure you will see it if you really get it.

Nigerian government under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari has done such program like Npower, Covid-19 loan, Anchor browsers, Rifan laon, SME loan and many other programs.

Nigerians are also waiting an update about nscdc and immigration recruitment after Many like Nigerian correctional officer, police Army and many more that has done in the country.




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