Football news summary, Table position and game results for 30 December 2020.

Liverpool versus Newcastle score and lineup.

 The game results for 30 December has come out, where liverpool play against Newcastle while Atlentico madrid vs Getefe.  Tottenham hotspur versus fulham till 19:00

Here’s the results of the matches.

Newcastle united vs Liverpool

Liverpool versus Newcastle score and lineup.

The game has ended liverpool 0, Newcastle 0.

Many counter has done allot of corners but none of them lead the Ball in to the net.
As usual liverpool players like Mane, Mohammed Salah are in the field, but The last possision of the game shows that Newcastle has 70% while liverpool has 30% .
Five yellow card has given in the game.
Atlentico madrid vs Getefe
Atlentico madrid vs Getefe scores and lineup.

The game results is out after the match has ended as Atlentico madrid 1, Getefe 0. 3 yellow card are given.

The single scored goal is scored by lius suarez which is header goal scored by head.
Premier league table
Premier league table after liverpool versus Newcastle

Laliga table

Laliga table after Atlentico madrid vs Getefe

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