How to register your NIN online for free

 How to register your NIN online and enroll it to get a NIN number?

As we all know that national identification number has become a great important thing in nigeria and some people don’t even have it, some don’t even know where to get it or something related to.

So today I will show you how to register with nimic, enroll your nin and also link it to you various telecommunications lines.

1. Go-to the NIMIC enrollment portal and register with your information. 


2. After you open the portal they will ask you to register with portal or Login if you are already registered.

3. Complete the form in the website such as personal details, contact address, next of kin, residential address, permanent address and any other information related to you. 

Make sure you filled the form very well with out any mistake because the information you provided will be use in your NIN information.

4. Generate your BAR Code 

After you have completed all the forms and cross check it very well then press on proceed which will redirect you the area where you will generate your BAR Code.

5. Printing of slip, after generating the bar code then you click on print, you can also save your slip as a PDF if you are using mobile phone then you take it for printing to Cafe.

6. Enrollment or Bio matric:- from this stage you are to take your slip to the nearest NIMIC enrollment centre and get enrolled.
NOTE: enrollment for nin is free according to the NIMIC national office, so don’t give anyone a single kobo for enrollment.

Another great opportunity provided by this online enrollment is that you can do it even if you already registered with nimic as you all know for you to correct your date of birth in NIN you most pay 15,000 Naira.
So by using this online methods you have saved your money, time and energy.
Here is the link


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