How to win #50,000 Opera News rewards for Christmas

 The opera news has recently announced the reward of 50,000 to twenty thousand people who are using opera news application.

In this article, I will explain step by step on how to Win up to 50,000 Naira from Opera News hub for Christmas. The opera has introduced rewards system for its readers who are always reading there articles, the reward is up to 50k and will occurred base on some principles. 

The task will start by 14 December 2020. Lucky winners will be notified and there opay account will be used as a means of payment. 


1. Update your Opera News Application, you most update your application because the old version has no rewards center.

 2. Daily task , After you’ve successfully updatedd your Opera News Application look at the top right corner you’ll see a point centerr click on it to perform your daily tasks there. 

However, The tasks include reading of articles, watching a video, sharing of articles and other activities. 

Rules of the reward :- you most sign in every consecutive days up to 7 day, from there every single day rewards is equivalent forr 7 days rewards. Howeverr there’re no interruptions between those days or else earnings will start a fresh.

According to opera news the comulative point you score from your rewards center will be use to find the winners of the contest.

Make sure in the early morning you perform your daily tasks, you can also feed the hen to gain more points.

As we all know that #50,000 is not small money for students, Small worker, trader as well as unemployed person so this is a chance for you.
Many people don’t even know what is going on and the number of people who will be selected as winners is wider up to 20,000 people.
Put at the back of your mind that you can make it and surely you can do it.
Please share it for the benefit of other people.

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