Inksnation and it’s acceptancy as a crypto currency in Nigeria and the world.

 Inksnation is a crypto currency proposed by Nigerian young man know as Dady inks (DAO). 

Crypto currency in general is an online highly invecios and encrypted symbol that use to exchange as a means of payment for goods and services.

Crypto currencies Logo

Inksnation is claiming to be the same as other crypto currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, wave, pigeon, cash miner, Bitcoin cash and many other hundred of thousands of them.

Inksnation owner has come with different versions of its blockchain Wich bring a lot of challenge to it.

He claims to eradicate poverty in any country that accept inksnation in a short period of time by using pinkoin DRCB (inksledger).  

INKSNATION depends on living noods as a source of increase in price, for every single parson join the program will value it by one dollar.

He achieve allot of success in his program, more than 7 million people registered under his program and many inks market has done across Nigeria.

                    Success of inksnation

√. More than 7 million registered users
√. Many Inks market across the country
√. Build his own blockchain
√. Invented The first African crypto currency
√. Only crypto currency with physical exchangers and marchent
√. Provide Job to exchangers and many more we are unable to mention.
  √. Only crypto currency with card (ATM) 


                    Deficulties of inksnation
√. Fail to run as other crypto currency
√. Fail to gain trust from marchent 100%
√. Counter part from compitetors like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies.
√. Intermediation from EFCC 
√. disrupt by SEC and other things we do not mention.
√. Lack of proper orientation from some users of the koin.
Fear of Bitcoin to successful invention of inksnation

Bitcoin has great fear about inksnation program Due to The way it gain value and the vice versa, an uncountable number of people are using Bitcoin in the but the value of the coin depends on the momentum of transaction per unit time.

  While pinkoin gain it’s value by 1$ for every single person who successfully join the program, if one queter of Bitcoin users join the inksnation program than the koin will lead as first valued crypto in the world.
 Inksnation has three categories of users which are :- Marchent, exchangers and end users.
70% of Both marchent and exchangers has proper orientation about inksnation program while 60% of the end users don’t.
Both marchent exchangers and end users of inksnation failed to understand that government has no any business with crypto currency in the whole world, even Bitcoin Ethereum and other crypto currencies are not announced as legal means of exchange.
Is inksnation legal
The answer is non of the crypto currency has legal backing in the world.
All one can say is that he or she has approved by the blockchain council which is not a legal approval.
Blockchain council is a group of people who succeeded in getting a trust from billions of peoples in the world.
Blockchain council

What inksnation need to succeed?
Inksnation need only trust among the people in order to succeed, people like marchent exchangers and other individual acceptancy will make succed as crypto currency like Bitcoin Ethereum and others.

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