Nigerian news headlines today Monday

Channels Television Newspaper Headlines
The Nigeria news paper channel Television has brought top and interesting news about games, security as well as political issues.

1. Kankara school boys Abduction: Those who thinks federal government misleading to frotect Nigerian are mischievous – Garba shehu.

According to Channel television The personal Assistant to the president Buhari malan Garba Shehu made statement while discussing with with news men in Abuja, he believes that federal government is doing it is best about in security in Nigeria.
2. AC milan forward Rafael Leao secore in six second which is the fastest goal in seria A.
According to Channel television the goal is the fastest ever in the history of seria A since as of the time poaloa poggi’s goal in 2001 whare he secore a goal in 8 second against Fiorentina.

3. Things has deteriorated to a level that was inconceivable- Bugaje.
According to Channel television Mr Bugaje explained that the level of in security is inconceivable and is getting out of hand.
As this government came in to office things tend to be normal earlier but later on come as worst than the previous government.

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