Things you need to know about Cyber security and there tricks of stiling people’s money/information

The cyber crime nowadays is among the greatest thing that makes world uncertainty.

cyber security cycle

I decided to write some basic information about it and the trick they are using to still people’s money or sensitive information for there own benefit.

The following are among of the tricks:-

1. Shortned site Please be careful with such site they are of two types

1. Traffic sickers

Such trickers are traffic sickers mostly, they’ll tell you that federal government is granting money to Nigerian, if you follow the link you’ll see that the information there is not related to the title of the massage body.

2. Sensitive information sicker

Such trickers also are looking for sensitive information from you so don’t fill any form with such URL.

Federal government website is always end with the following .ng, etc.

And can never be in shotned form such as bit dot ly, tinu dot url etc,

They are also using a massage tricks which mostly occurred after they know something about you.

For example

The scammers are also using Data gifting massage to drown your attention to the link mostly shortned one like tinu dot url or bit dot ly, most of the data gifting massage trickers are just looking for traffic to there website they can’t ask you Any sensitive information about you but they’ll ask you to share the massage to someone before you colified to the giveaway.

Phishing:- is the most dangerous trick in which trickers use to have your information such as Login I’d, in this process they’ll create a clone website like facebook, twitter, gtbank website etc.

In this matter they’ll tell you something attractive that will make you click on the link as soon as it open then you’ll required to login with your login ID, depending on the cloned site your in, maybe facebook, twitter or financial website.

The tricker will send the massage related to his target And ask you Base on his tricks.


As i mentioned in this article federal government website always end with dot ng, dot gov dot ng, financial website link ecobank, gtbank are always with there real name eg, etc. Don’t ever trust a website with dot XYZ domain government, institution and financial website never end with dot XYZ. Eg, gtbank dot XYZ, npower dot XYZ, CBNfreemoney dot com or dot XYZ.


Be smart and ignore such link for your own good, stop forwarding such massage with out any investigation.

There’s no free data, money and credit any where in africa or world in general.

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