Today in this article I’ll write about two simple business and there strategy you can start with a little, small or almost zero capital.

1. RAGP (recharge and get paid):- this is a Simple business that will not couses allot of money.
Among the 3 way only RAGP can couse you 5k but The remaining ones are full of strategic planning that will yeild allot of money into your wallet.

                  Method of RAGP.
Register with RAGP company by paying a plan with them, you can start with small plan.
Registration plans for RAGP.

After you made a payment for maybe basic plan then you can start your work.
How RAGP work?
RAGP gives you 12% of all transactions you make through your wallet by selling recharge card, PHCN bill, DSTV, STERTIMES GOTV and rest of them.
Don’t count that percentage as a small money we all know that people are recharging there lines every minute, hours and days just try to get there trust be selling it to them and be gathering your money.
They have an affiliate program in which you can gain some percentage from the people you referred to the program.
For more information you can visit RAGP website or Google it.
2. Online distribution business.
In this business strategy your not spending anything apart from data that we will use for connecting to the internet.
So as you all know people nowadays are always online in a different forms of social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc.
So we’re going use this opportunity to make money through this social media.      
You go-to a shop of any material like lase, shadda, yard or shoes.
Make a deal with the shop owner ask a price And tell him that you wanted to start online business distribution if he or she didn’t get you explain to him or her as I’m going to explain to in this article.
Tell him you wouldn’t take anything with out paying all you need is his acceptance and understanding,
After he or she agreed with you and the price is negotiated in a way that you can get something as a seller.
After all this you’ll snaps a very good looking picture of the goods in your phone and go back to home.
After you reach home then you goto you’re WhatsApp status, facebook twitter and Instagram upload like 4 picture of the material and the price,
Material sample
Sample 2

 tomorrow do the same thing with different pictures.
Sample 3


believe me people will start asking the reality of what your posting confirm that it’s you to then then your family and friends will start ordering the material by selecting the colour, negotiate the price with them.
Write your orders in a book, collect there’s money go-to the shop slect your orders made a payment pocket your profit and distribute there material to them.
Distribution strategy
 As you know some people may order your goods and they are too par for you, don’t worry just make sure you gained something good from the deal, goto nearest car park in your town look for his destination driver give the material to with the number of the owner writen on it  pay the drivers call the person and tell him his order is coming.
Note: you most be very patient before you get trust from people please don’t stop it they’ll accept it as soon as they confirmed that it’s you.

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