7 fastest and profitable selling product in northern Nigeria.

 7 fastest and profitable selling product in northern Nigeria.

 7 fastest and profitable selling product in northern Nigeria.

Northern Nigeria is the largest producer of Agricultural product, raw material, crude oil, Animal meat like cow, sheep, Camel and many more valuable farm product, they are also having Many mineral resources in different states like Zamfara, kebbi, Kaduna And many more.

Nigeria as whole estimate that more than 70% of the food consumed in Nigeria food producing are from northern Nigeria.

The area is pleased with vast land for Agricultural Activities as well as business in general ( buying and selling) statistical analysis show that alot of of business run in north Nigeria are profitable especially some cities like Kano, Kaduna, Barno, katsina, Niger and many more state in northern part of the country.

Without not much weist of time this article will bring you a suitable as well as fastest and profitable selling product in northern Nigeria, every business I dea we highlights in this article it’s well surprised with degree of comfitance, The business is profitable in Nigeria. 

Below are the list of the business

1. Selling of food setup

2. Agriculture

3. POS

4. Selling of mobile Accessories Attached with computer business center

5. Selling of Textile materials

6.  Selling of onion ( onion dealing to the southern part of the country )

7. Selling of Tea and indome

√. Selling of food setup will never skipped in the list of fastest and profitable selling product in northern Nigeria, this business is among the best money making business in Northern Nigeria, as we all agree that the larger the population the More food to consume in the area that what will drive allot of money as a business owner depending on how experts are you in terms of preference of your food before taking it to the consumers.

Foodstuffs material are needed in dialy basis so this will gives you an opportunity to become business owner, all you need to do is to look the nature of your area ( what they want and what they are lacking) then you take it as a business opportunities to you.

Food stuff business

Material like Rice, beans, maggi,  Palm oils, groundnut oils and many are consuming daily there for you will be selling and gaining profit dialy.

Palm oil business

√. Agricultural business is also among the best opportunities to Northern Nigerian people as a business, area like kebbi State, Niger BORNO, Zamfara and many more has farming opportunity depending on where you are living and what you want.

You can make a huge amount of money by Agricultural business many people have become millionaires in kebbi State for rice farming business, onion farming and many more, with little amount of money you can rent a farm do your farming make money and go for your way.

Under this business category there plan by CBN through SEIFAC LOAN to oriente people to consider farming as business Due to The positive results it yield in the northern part of the country and the intire nation between 2014 to 2020.

If your are willing to start farming just look at the area your living in to find which farming is suitable for you to start in order to make money for living, ask questions about what you don’t know have knowledge about it and go ahead.

Farming categories like Rice, onion tomatoes gives allot of money.

Agricultural business

√. POS ( point of sale) is well known business nation wide in which you can make payment for your goods and services, the people you make transaction to is to pay for taxes of the transaction you make to them 

As you all know some times ATM has a long qeue which will West your time for maybe little money you want to withdraw, so many people consider going to POS and withraw their money pay for service and go, Assuming you make 100,000N transaction 100N for every 10,000 which will give you 1k in a short period of time.

Pay for service business POS.

√. Selling of mobile Accessories Attached with computer business center is another way of earning money in a simple way, the business drive allot of profit to the extent you never think off.

An activities like sending of multimedia, Head phone, mobile condum, screen protector, chargers and also phone repair if you can afford to do it will bring you allot of money and profit every day as people always use them.

Selling of mobile Accessories business

√. Selling of Textile materials is also a New brend business opportunities as people nowadays use to buy it for ashobe, school uniform, Christmas ashobe, weeding ashobe and many more purposes.

You can goto the city market near you like Kano, or sokoto buy it in bunch come to your village seal it in picis gain your profit and do what you want with your money.

You can also goto market place with your materials go round the market if it’s in small amount, you can also use bench if it’s many.

Textile materials selling business

√. Onion business is very rapids growing business that yeild a positive results in terms of profit gain, the business is very simple you can go-to the market like Aliero local government in kebbi , Gada local government in sokoto, Danwarai in Aliero local government, wurno in sokoto, kwana in kano Cross in Borno and other places that i do not mention, Buy The Onion package seal it there if you like can send it to southern part of the country wait for your money in a short time like a week and catch your money.

You can also do (Wazai ) i.e buying a small amount of onion from farmers and selling it to the consumers if you don’t have enough money to buy in large.

Onion business

√. Selling of Tea and indome is another way to make money in northern Nigeria, everyone knows it and how to do it so I will summarize about it, look for a new area where there’s no tea maker and start making it to them.

You can start this business with small amount of money because you can collect bread seel it and give them their money back, only suger, additive and woods are necessary

Other material like reshow, electric cooker and fuel or gas are also need, make a good looking tables and cage for storing your remaining materials.

Selling of Tea as a business

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