Explanation: WhatsApp to introduce new privacy policy about data sharing to facebook

What’s the New privacy policy whatsapp introduce?

 In this recent new year WhatsApp new privacy and Policy has become trending in the net, search engines and other social media platforms.

Different question is asking by people, what’s whatsapp New privacy policy, whatsapp privecy policy, is WhatsApp safe after implantation of New privacy policy? And many other related question about WhatsApp new privacy policy.

Here in this article you’ll know what exactly facebook means by the new WhatsApp policy.

Whatsapp New privacy policy

Whatsapp is one of the Facebook social media own by Mark zuckerberg since 2017 as he buy it Worth of 7 billions dollars and leave it for people to chat and Converse with friends and family for free with out any advertisement.

Facebook has introduce New privecy policy that.

As part of the Facebook family of campanies, whatsapp receives information from, and share information with this family of companies.

Many people didn’t understand what exactly this new WhatsApp policy means, the exchange of information withing facebook company families is already taking place in both whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

The New privecy policy is introduce to Europe people only to accept it or leave facebook, while The rest of the world has no any choice about the policy as the policy is already taking place.

Whatsapp update it’s terms and privacy policy.


The answer is NO.
According to the Facebook whatsapp data such as calls, direct massage and voice will remains with end to end encryption.

 According to Agajahub understanding it’s necessary for Facebook to ask the opinions of europe people due to the nature of there law’s.

Whatsapp is one of the most reliable and amazing social media that gives you chance to make calls, voice, audio, documents, pictures and any other information materials for free with out any advertisement in it apart from Telgram, 

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