Jumia updated promo code ( coupon) for 2021

 Jumia is a large online business store where you can buy anything like mobile phones, vehicles, bags, shoes, clothes, whatch And Many more.

Online stores like jumia, jiji ng , viva , Aliexpress and many more of them has a ways of driving costomers to there stores Due to The extensive compitetion among them selves, among the other systems they are using include Promo, plash sell and black friday.

JUMIA has give out it’s New Promo Code, I’ll list here.

      List of jumia letest Promo Code for 2021.

1. Get 5% cashback on any Airtime or Mobile Data recharge.


2. Get 4100 cashback when you buy 41000 Airtime or Mobile Data using jumia store.


3. Get 50% cashback up to 81000 this plan is For new customers only that are purchasing goods for the first time.


4. Get 50N cashback when you pay for your TV subscription using jumia store. Valid for orders from 41000 & above 


Jumia Promo Code for 2021

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