How to send whatapp massage with out using data or been online

 How to send whatapp massage with out using data or been online


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In this article I will explain step by step how to send a whatsapp massage while your offline, not connected to data or wifi, and any other sources of Internet connection.

Sometimes you may be in an Area where there’s no internet connection and you want to send a whatsapp massage in a matter of urgent do to some personal reasons, 
This article is very important because some times you may wish to send some important whatsapp massage and you are having network issue and do to that you might forget about it but using this method I’m dropping you can send your massage with out any stress.


1. Android phone
2. Whatsapp massinger
3. Charger on your phone


√. Turn off your phone’s network to flight mode
For you to be able to do what we’re going to do you must switch off your phone network to flight mode because if you have normal network massage will show you not sent and you need to resend it when you on your data or else it won be sent for ever so we’re not after sending a massage and resend it in this article, we need massage to be sent and we can’t look over the process again for ever.
√. Open your whatsapp and scroll down to the number of parson you want to send massage to, open it ant type the massage you want to send to the parson followed by hitting a SEND BOTTOM.
The massage will go to the parson directly without asking you to resend it again like if your network is open but you have no good connection.
NOTE: your massage can deliver to the parson as soon as you have a data connection even if you don’t open a whatsapp application.

Benefits of the article

√. You can send your massage every time you remember them
√. No need to reopen the application and resend the massage it’ll go automatically
√. You save data
√. You didn’t go to whatsapp so no body will blame you that your only but not talk to him.
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