Actress Rahama Sadau enjoying life in Marocco ( photos)

 Actress Rahama Sadau enjoying life in Marocco while at marocain shop.

Actress Rahama Sadau is known as one of the kannywood actress that always bring a trending issues in and out side of the kannywood industry.

Kannywood industry is the second largest film industry in Nigeria after Nollywood and also the most largest film industry in Northern Nigeria.

Kannywood is the most largest Hausa film industry in the whole world not only in African countries with bunch of talented actress and actors life King Ali Nuhi Muhammad, Sani Musa Danja, Adam A Zango and many more.

But she’s not in consideration of what people’s are saying about her.

Rahama Sadau in a happy and funny mode

Rahama Sadau in a marocain shop

Rahama Sadau in Marocco

Rahama Sadau in Marocco

Sadau are enjoying her life in Marocco as she use to in different countries like Dubai, America and other countries.

Rahama Sadau is amoung the most beautiful girls in kannywood industry and also educated girl, she’s celebrity of her own type as she doesn’t Care much about others activities as others will not stop her own activities.

She’s very wise girl that use to show a higher level of wisety.

Some people use to call her HALWA as it’s her own first song to work on in the kannywood industry.

Sadau has not seen with her sister know as Zee Sadau as she use to in her previous trips and vacations.

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