BUA build $300million Sugar refinary in Lafiagi Kwara state

 BUA build $300million Sugar refinary in Lafiagi Kwara state of Nigeria.
BUA remains committed to the growth and development of the Sugar industry in Nigeria. In line with the Federal Government’s Backward Integration Polices (BIP) on sugar and the National Sugar Master Plan (NSMP), BUA Group has invested about $300million in the 20,000hectares BUA (LASUCO) Sugar Estate in Lafiagi, Kwara State. 
The CEO and managing director of BUA group Alhaji Isyaku Rabi has made his efforts due to the scarcity of sugar and the price hike in the country
The BUA Sugar Estate, Lafiagi will comprise of:
√ 20,000 hectares Sugar plantation. 

√ 10,000tcd Sugar mill. 

√ 500,000 mtpa Sugar Refinery. 

√ 20million Litre Ethanol Plant.

√ 3Km Airstrip 

√ 32MW Power Plant. 

√  Housing units for staff. 


According to NLC ( Nigerian Labour congress) the refinary is welcome development despite the Government policy about the sugar consumption and production.
The company will provide Job for many people in the country in every sectors of knowledge, engineers, chemistry Agriculture land surveyor geographers and many more.
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The BUA group is known as the second group in Nigeria apart from Dangotte Group and has always low price then dangotte product.
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