Federal government to start disbursement of NYIF found

 Federal government to start disbursement of NYIF fund to the applicant that applied for the loan.

National youth investment found is a program understand the president Buhari’s government plans to reduce the explicit puberty amount Nigeria under the ministry for youths and development.

National youth investment found disbursement news

At the end of last month people has seen an invitation massage from the agency to attend the interprenuel training skills according to the invitation.

The honorable Minister disclose that the disbursement will begin two weeks after the training.

The training has reschedule by the ministry where they encourage the applicant in both first and second batch to be checking their emails severally.

NYIF program is not the only sme program under Buhari’s lead adminstration, a programs like Npower batch A,B And C, survival found, covid-19 loans, Anchor browsers, nmfb nirsel loans, trader money conditional found, house hold, and many more program.

All those programs are created to ease the life of Nigerians.

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