Three business opportunity for every American citizen coming to Nigeria

 Three business opportunity for every American coming to Nigeria

Nigerian and american flag

Nigeria is the most gaint country in Africa and also located in West African region, it has allot of meniral resources in abboundan such as cruid oils like Petrol, Agricultural materials, Nomadic activities and many more.

Those qualities make Nigeria the best choice for many Americans when coming to Africa, so today I’ll be writing about 3 opportunity to every American body coming to Africa and Nigeria at large.

1. Filming Activities

Nigeria is a country where white people are highly regarded in every aspect of the country in terms of trust, chance given, and Job opportunity due to the fact that every White man are hard working person.

As an American citizen who comes to Nigeria every film industry like Nollywood, kannywood will welcome you at once as an actor/actress , director, producer, camera man or any other filming Activities.

So if you want to get something to do during a vocation to Nigeria as American you can do that for a while or Long,

If your leaving in southern part of Nigeria Nollywood will be easier to join due to transport issue while if you’re in northern Nigeria kannywood industry will be easier to you more especially if you leave between kano, kaduna, Abuja it’ll be easy to meet the industry official.

2. Money gram

This is a simple trick to make a huge amount of money while on vacation from US to Nigeria using what do we call money gram system of business.

Money gram means depositing money in your account from your country like united state of America and withdraw it in another country like Nigeria to gain the exchange rate rewards.

Us dollar is the most regarding money in the world apart from great british found and Euro but regards more in Nigeria then any other money and Africa at large.

Nigerian and American exchange rates

If you are in US and your deposit like 100,000$ in your account from US Bank and you come to Nigeria go-to Bank like first bank PLC withdraw your money in dollars goto the parallel market and sell it off.

Parallel market

Calculation of the profit

100,000 is may 38000000 million naira officially at 380/1$ dollar

If you go to the parallel market you might sold it at 480 to 490 let’s take 480

480×100,000 = 48,000000

48,000000-38,000000 = 10,000000 so you make 10 million naira profit in just parallel market apart from normal change of your dollars

By this method you’ll make a huge amount of profit while you’re on vacation from united state to Nigeria.

3. Import and export business

Importation and exportation of goods and services is another business for every American citizen coming to Nigeria and Africa in general.

Export of cars, clothing materials, shelters and many more will pump allot of money to you.

Nigerian car export depot

The issue of getting dollars for Nigerian based exporters is what course helf of the profit they’re gaining, so as American citizen you don’t have such issues.

Getting a toures cars for Americans is simpler than to Nigerian exporters, so you’ll get your second hand materials and export it to Nigeria gain your profit.

I’ll be summarizing at this point next article will talk wider about chances of every White man coming to Nigeria from all over the world.

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