Fifteen Differences and Similarities between Bandits and Terrorists- Shehu Sani

 Senator shehu sani a former Nigerian law maker has given out 15 different, semilarites between Bandits and Terrorists

Senator shehu sani

The difference is well sai and it shows the level of smartness of the senator and how educated he’s.

 Fifteen Differences and Similarities between Bandits and Terrorists.

1.Bandits have no religious or political ideology.Terrorists have religious and political ideology or inclination.

2.Bandits kidnap for ransom.Terrorists kidnap for forceful conversion,indoctrination or ransom.

3.Bandits are most likely to release their victims when paid but can kill when not paid enough or not paid in time.Terrorists are most likely to spare their victims who decides to join them but can kill their victim in order to send a message of warning.

4.Bandits are not interested in blowing up infrastructure.Terrorists can blow up bridges,power lines,rails or public buildings.

5.Bandits can kidnap worshipers in churches or mosques for ransom.Terrorists can blow up churches or mosques and can kidnap worshipers.

6.Bandits don’t hoist flags.Terrorists hoist flags as symbol of takeover or control.

7.Bandits and terrorists kill those they suspected to be informants.

8.Bandits are less likely to carry out “targeted killing”;Targeted killings are part of the terrorists strategy.

9.Bandits operate in clusters with leaders controlling each cluster.Terrorists have a broader organizational base with a centralized leadership system.

10.Bandits are domestic criminals with likely participation of foreigners.Terrorists have global links and networks.

11.Bandits have limited interest in the use of weapons.Terrorists engage in military training of their members and increased sophistry of their actions.

12.Bandits don’t have suicide Bombers.Terrorists have suicide Bombers.

13.Bandits can rape their victim.Terrorists can rape and forcefully marry their victims.

14.Bandits are most unlikely to use children in their criminal operations.Terrorists uses child soldiers.

15.Bandits don’t have media outfits.Terrorists have propaganda media outfits and strategy.

(All submissions are controvertible)

 Agajahub learn that the difference stated by Sani is mainly to notify government to look for the way out of tackling the current situation of in security in the country.

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