Finished Messi Versus Ronaldo this season : (league stats) 2021

 “Finished Messi “ Vs “Ronaldo” this season : (league stats) 

Who is the best player in the world Messi or Ronaldo

The end of the year season of 2021 has concluded and the results is out.

Many people has been asking questions such as:

Who is the best player between Messi and Ronaldo?

Who is the best player in the world?

Who is the best scorer in this season?

So Agajahub publisher has decided to make a statistical analysis about the scoring and all other skills in football.


Messi ( 77) Ronaldo: 36 K% 

Big Chance Created 

Messi ( 22) Ronaldo: 5

Successful Dribbles 

Messi ( 159) Ronaldo : 58

 MOTM Awards 

Messi (22) Ronaldo :9

Freekick Conversion 

MESSI (0.9%)  Ronaldo : (0.0%) 3 Shots on Target 

Messi (91) Ronaldo 66

Freekick Goals 

Messi (3)  Ronaldo -0 X 

Outside the box Goals 

Messi (5) Ronaldo 1X 


Messi (9) Ronaldo 3

Goals without Penalties : 

Messi : 27 goals Ronaldo : 23 goals 

Finished Lionel Messi? My foot 

Leonel Messi have been leading the bord between him and Ronaldo in the world of football, the difference between Ronaldo and Messi is that: 

Ronaldo is artificial player while Leonel Messi is the natural player.


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