If you Apply For SIEFAC/CBN ANCHOR BROWNER Loan This Massage is For You

 The CBN ANCHOR BROWNER loan under the SIEFAC has stepped on to start disbursement for qualified applicant.

Many people don’t know how to check if they are qualified for SIEFAC/CBN ANCHOR BROWNER loan.

Agajahub has made a long note on how to apply for SIEFAC CBN ANCHOR BROWNER loan 

HOW TO APPLY SIEFAC/CBN ANCHOR BROWSERS LOAN FOR 2021/2022? https://www.agajahub.com.ng/2020/12/how-to-apply-siefaccbn-ferming-anchor.html 

SIEFAC has started approving the applicant and open a bank account to them and this is the instructions they have given to those who received their account number from heritage bank should follow The instructions provide by harritage bank, get their account ready as disbursement will start very soon.

Harritage bank

This is tweet by seifac official twitter handle asking people to make their account ready as disbursement is starting very soon.

Here’s the massage I, The writer of Agajahub received from the harritage bank

Seifac account number from harritage bank

Agajahub publishers

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