A PhD student commited sucide in kebbi state versity.

 The Thursday morning, at kebbi State University of Science and Technology Aliero, was horrific. As Students were engaged into their daily activities, the news of a PhD Student that committed a suicide changed their mood. It was indeed, a tragic and lamentable

The student whose by name Ayo Ajala , was from Osun State living in Sokoto with his parents and a PhD student of crop science in the Faculty of Agriculture. He hung himself for about two days ago, nobody knew about it because he locked up himself in the room and took his own life in an unpleasant way.

The family of the deceased were the ones that led to discovery of his death through his guardian. The family complaint to the the guardian that the deceased was not receiving their calls for two days, they wanted to hear from him whether everything was okay. It was at that point that the guardian consulted the Hall administrator of the postgraduates’ Hostels. Then the investigation led to the result of his refusal to pick the calls

After some investigations, some to the securities went directly to the room. Where they found the room locked and a nasty smell was evaporating from inside of the room. 

It was at that point, they broke the door and found him swinging of the rope.

Then without hesitation, the school management was alerted. His two phone were found there and there was no any written note or anything that would dictate the reason for the suicide.

Many students there, testified that he was a quiet type. He was not engaging in anybody’s affairs. Even the securities of the Compound stated that, aside from greetings he wasn’t used to talk to anyone. And that’s one of the reasons why nobody noticed his absence for that short period of time. 

His remains was evacuated in the body bag for medical examination and the matter is still under investigation.

Source: vorcalnigerian

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