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POS is a profession in which there is a lot of good in it because it is possible that education is related even if it is far from professional.

When POS is mentioned, some people think that it is necessary to save a lot of money

before he could start a business when in fact it is not because there are poor people who are not rich and they are skilled without any problem.

In the past, POS was not widely available because at that time it was very difficult to find a machine that could be used by anyone, but now it has become almost universal. The only thing you will notice is that no one is sharing, the point here is everyone is sharing.

Also, in the early days of the POS machine, only banks were able to produce POS machines. This is one of the reasons why there is a shortage of POS machines but now they are becoming more common.

Or at least what is the reason for their proliferation?

One of the reasons is the proliferation of companies that provide POS machines, after which almost every bank now has its own, unlike in the beginning it was only owned by major banks in Nigeria such as first bank and others.

          As I mentioned above the companies that produce POS machine are many of which I will mention only two which I currently use, are as follows; Take with Accelerex.

I started using the Baxi POS machine and later re-owned the Accelerex POS machine, and both of them I use are different.


1. Some of the differences are; black does not check the accelerex account balance and the account balance can be checked using the account ATM card that needs to be checked.

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2. Direct transfer of ATM card can be done in accelerex POS machine, black and white can not be done

This is just a few examples because POS machines are many and there are things you can do and that is not for you, and it is better to own more than one but at the initial stage you should start with one especially if it is small are you.

The company’s POS machines are as numerous as the companies’, I bought these two because I have been working with them and I am still using them as described above if you don’t forget.

Although it is owned by a company and you may not have the money to buy it or if you buy it your investment will be reduced so calm down because there is a POS machine of banks which you will see with a bank logo on it this you do not have to spend anything you will not own it.

To own a POS machine owned bank contact the customer care of the bank you need to inform you of the options to start your own POS business without delay.


POS helps the community in many ways to make things easier, especially at this time of the year when pesticides are widely spoken, to name a few.

1. The POS industry has helped reduce bank congestion

2. POS reduces bank employees

3. POS reduces sedation which is especially prevalent among young people.

4. Become a business / income source for entrepreneurs


Given that there is a company POS machine and a Bank, there are probably differences between them, for some of them;

1. Company POS machine then buy for banks and they offer for free like first bank.

2. for the company especially those I mentioned above for the most part, customer charges are not deducted to withdraw money with them, for the bank and there are extra charges that are deducted like first bank sometimes # 50 sometimes it can be even better

Only two miles I can give at this exact moment and I hope the details are understood.


POS is a business that requires a lot of money but some people don’t understand the business very well because they think you have to raise millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars before you can start a business. Of course you need money but not as some people think, you don’t have to accumulate a lot of money you can. Honestly, if you stop and save a lot of money, you will not be able to do it for a long time and you may end up dead or cold.

No matter how much you earn, even if it is 10 -20 thousand, you should start with them. If God blesses the market, it will be your source of income. Most of the people who come to POS withdraw money or transfer less than 10,000 or 20, some 1, 2 , or 3 are coming to be removed and they are the most numerous, before the chickens that come looking for more than 10,000 have to wait a long time for each and every one of them so what is in your hands you will start until you become strong.

Is he an entrepreneur who is well known in the world for not being able to get to Nigeria or Africa or is it said that the debt started and the money he started trading with did not increase?

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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Why do you say you have to raise so much money? Dangote att

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