Tinubu and the 2023 presidential election

 There are speculations going around that all the movements of Dr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu in some Northern parts of the Country are politically motivated and it has connections with his bid for presidency in 2023.

 The former governor of Lagos State and at same time the APC Chieftaincy, is considered to be the most suitable candidate for APC in the Presidential election 2023, despite the fact that Jagaban has not disclosed his mission on what has been going on about him on the social media. But his body language and that of his subordinates said it all beyond the spoken wards. There is no doubt about it Tinubu is aiming for presidency, by 2023. 

With these facts, a group of Northern Youths made their stand on not voting or campaigning for Tinubu even if he wins the APC primary election. They said, they will stand still on their fits to work against Tinubu’s candidature, with their strength, voice and even if it will take them to spend their hard earning money in ensuring that his dream for being president remains dream.

 When one of our reporters discussed with the Press Secretary of the group over the phone, on the reason why they are rejecting Tinubu’s presidential ambition. The Secretary made it known to our correspondent that they are not rejecting Tinubu’s ambition for any reasons rather than rejecting what Tinubu rejected already. It is neither for sentiment, regionalism nor tribalism. He also stated that “Tinubu is the one that rejected himself long time ago. There is no reason to support someone to be a president of a country that he doesn’t believe in. This is an age of information revolution, you can Google it if you want. You will see the references from magazines and Newspapers where he stated it categorically that he doesn’t believe in one Nigeria. Supporting a person that made such utterance will be a foolishness and lack of focus on the betterment of our future. If we can support Tinubu, definitely we can accept a free ride from a blind driver who neither sees the road nor knows how to drive”. He also concluded that it is their constitutional right as the youths and the right of every good citizen of this country who wants to fight for what is the best for the country. Nigeria is the only country that we can be proud of, since it is the only place we call our home. This is not the issue of Southern or Northern part of the country, the most pertinent thing to ponder on is what posterity will be proud of. The previous generation made mistake and we are suffering from it today. While some are even paying the price with their precious lives. That mistake is what we are avoiding and we must not allow it to happen. it is through such efforts, that the next generation will be proud of us and our legacy will be forever. 

Vocalnigerian also consulted one of their patrons who also said is in accord with what the youths stand for. He said the youth decision is a very nice one and it has come at the appropriate time. Also, it is something that other youths from every part of the country should emulate. Youths are the largest percentage of the population, they must have a say in all the affairs of a country. The struggle is for them because many of us will not be alive to witness what will happen in the near future. Ideally, the country belongs to the youth. Any society or a country that doesn’t consider the youths as the most important segment for development, that society or a country is bound to sink in an ocean of failure. Therefore, it’s vital for every individual in this country to kick against any clear error that will push us into a regrettable situation. He also concluded his statement that as for him he is ready to support any youthful candidate from any part of the country regardless of background, creed, culture, tribe or religion. The most important thing that Nigerians should look into, is the competency, integrity and good manifestation of Aspirants. The social differences should not be our prime target or barrier for choosing what is the best for Nigeria and Nigerians.

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