Why buhari should consider using Nigerian social platform like connect free as an alternative of Facebook and Twitter.

President BUHARI of Nigeria

The discrimination of our home base social media platforms is what brought the foreign policy to be too strict to we Africans according to Agajahub publisher.

The issue of deleting Buhari’s post by Twitter has resulted to banning twitter in Nigeria by federal government.

Facebook issue has almost arises again which makes me to think that whWhy buhari should consider using Nigerian social platform like connect free as an alternative of Facebook and Twitter.

The connect free has all feature of Facebook like tick badge, sponsor post, like section profile, timeline, follow up section, and others.

Connect free account with ticket bedge

Connect free comment and reaction section

Connect free homepage

Check connect free website here

According to the research make by Agajahub publisher connect free has almost all function of Facebook on why federal government shouldn’t consider opening account with such home base to avoid disgrace from other world class platforms, I’m very sure if buhari can open account in such platform all news papers and other people will do so and even foreign moderators.

Site like Nairaland has another feature of thread that can also be means of communication with the Nigerians by the federal government.

I’m not suggesting that buhari should stop using world class platforms but also consider local ones as alternative because if they know that the home base social platform is strong they won’t even attempted to moderate post made by president of the republic if it has not go beyond the limits.

The president Buhari’s consideration has allot of affect to both social and economical development of the country.

As we all know twitter and facebook are making allot of money through sponsor post and advertising on there platform connect free can also do that, therefore our youth will have work to do so as to fogget about anything criminal act.

Please kindly share this post to reach mr president as your contribution to build our Nigeria.

Here’s the link to website 


Agajahub publishers

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