SEIFAC Loan Accounts Upgrade – Steps To Upgrade Accounts

  SEIFAC Loan Accounts Upgrade – Steps To Upgrade Accounts 


SEIFAC Loan Accounts Upgrade – SEIFAC has advised anchor borrowers applicants to upgrade their accounts submitted on the website.

The announcement became necessary as SEIFAC is nearing disbursing funds to applicants. All applicants that applied for SEIFAC funds will receive the funds into their bank account.

SEIFAC Accounts Upgrade – Information Regarding Accounts Upgrade

Earlier on Monday, SEIFAC advised all applicants that applied for anchor borrower to update their account. This is so important as soon funds will be disbursed to all applicants.

Applicants are enjoyed to do so without delay if they must receive funds. SEIFAC noted those applicants that applied but who failed to upgrade account won’t receive funds in their account.

SEIFAC Accounts Upgrade – Why Account Upgrade

The account upgrade is very important. This may not apply to all applicants. SEIFAC noted that some account submitted by applicants could not receive huge amount into their account.

SEIFAC revealed some of the account submitted lacks capacity to receive huge amount up to N500,000. Applicants are however advised to upgrade their accounts to avoid missing out on the funds.

SEIFAC Accounts Upgrade – When Will Funds Be Disbursed?

According to SEIFAC, funds will be disbursed to applicants next months. Funds disbursement will kick start on the 19th of August, 2021. Applicants should get ready to receive the funds from SEIFAC soon.

But the most important is account upgrade. Inability to upgrade account could be fatal. Failure to upgrade account could make applicants not to receive funds.

SEIFAC Accounts Upgrade – Important Advise

SEIFAC applicants should endeavor to upgrade their account. This mostly concern those that submitted account that can’t accept funds up to N100,000. Such accounts needs upgrade to receive SEIFAC funds.

Bank account like student accounts, account signed up without Bank Verification Number (BVN). Accounts signed up without passport photography etc.

Applicants in this category should visit their bank branch to upgrade their account. Upgrading will take the correct format offered by the bank.

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