Survival Fund Reveal Payment Method and Disbursement Date

 Survival Fund Reveal Payment Method and Disbursement Date

Survival Fund Payment will make to all  applicant directly to their bank account through wired transfer. 

Survival Fund Disbursement Date to 

all Shortlisted Candidate 

Click on the link representing your state of Origin to access your status: 

Abia State

 Adamawa State 

Akwa Ibom State 

Anambra State 

Bauchi State 

Bayelsa State 

Benue State 

Borno State 

Cross River 


Delta State 

Ebonyi State 

Edo State

 Ekiti State 

Enugu state

FCT Abuja

 Gombe State 

Imo State 

Jigawa State Kaduna State 

Kano State Katsina State

 Kebhbi State 

Kogi State 

Kwara State 

Niger state

Rivers State

 Sokoto State Taraha State 

Yohe State

 Zamfara State 

When will Survival Fund Start Disbursement ?

Survival Fund will start massive disbursement on the 29th, Thursday 2021. to all verified applicant nationwide. 

How Much Will CEO Receive From 

Survival Fund 

All CEO / Business owners will receive 50,000 from survival Fund, while workers will receive 30,000, for the the period of three (3) month. 

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