List Of 30 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa and There Pictures

List Of 30 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa and There Pictures

1. Lagos

 City Nigeria one of the biggest country of Nigeria been a capital city before they relocate to Abuja City

Lagos City Nigeria

 2. Durban city south Africa

Durban city

City of Johannesburg South Africa

3.  Beautiful and clean City of Asmara Eritrean

Asmara Eritrean 

4. Constantine city Algeria

Algeria constantine city

5. Addis Ababa

 the capital city of Ethiopia and the highest City in Africa according to hope Africa facebook
Addis Ababa 

6.  The city of harare Zimbabwe

Harare city Zimbabwe

7. Jorhannesborg South Africa


7. Khartoum Sudan City

Khartoum Sudan

8. Accra Ghana City

Accra Ghana

9. Mogadishu capital city of Somalia 

Mogadishu city of Somalia

10.  Catle Post Botswana 

Catle Post Botswana’s capital city

11. Khartoum City in SUDAN

Khartoum City in the day time

12. Nairobi City Kenya

Nairobi City Kenya

13. This is cape town South Africa 

Cape town South Africa

14. Victoria cyty of Seychelles

Victoria city

15. Bamanda City Cameroon

Bamanda City Cameroon

16. Antananarivo City madagascar

Antananarivo City madagascar

17. Lilongwe City Malawi

Lilangwe City Malawi

18.  Bujunbura City Burundi one of the most cleanest city in Africa

Bujunbura City Burundi


Lome capital city of  Togo 

Lome capital city of Togo

20. Kigali City Rwanda one of the most cleanest city in Africa

Kigali City Rwanda

21. Dar es Salam of Tanzania second cleanest city after Kigali

Dar es Salam City Tanzania

22.  Mauritius city

 in Mauritius the best country to make a business for the past 13 years in a row (ease of doing business ranking 2020)

Mauritius city in Mauritius

23. Banana Island Lagos

 is one of luxurious place in Africa also home for Celebraties and businesses men with over 5,000 people leaving their, the cost of house there is $250,000 per apartment.

Banana Island

Banana Island

24. Goma City DRC/ Congo

Goma City DRC Congo

25. Kampala City capital of Uganda

Kampala City capital city of Uganda

26. Airport city Ghana 

Airport city Ghana


Manrovia City of Liberia

Manrovia City of Liberia

28. The second largest city in Tanzania mwanza 


29. Manrobia city

Manrovia City

30. Malawi city 

Malawi city

31. Abuja City the capital territory of Nigeria

Abuja City Nigeria

Abuja City Nigeria

32. Oran City Algeria 

Oran City Algeria

 The list is under completion so we’ll add More cities and update for the new developed ones.
Kindly drop your own City and the country we’ll review and and it in the list thanks Agajahub publishers.

Agajahub publishers

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