13 Best And The Beautiful places to Visit in America (USA) while on Holiday 2021

 Do You Know That More Than 79 Million Tourists Come To Visit The USA Every Year?

USA Nashville/ photo credit hotel.com

First of all, allow me to introduce you to the USA, one of the most wonderful countries, with its lovely beautiful destinations, well-known buildings, parks, museums, and popular cities.

The USA is considered the 3rd most visited country in the world after France and Spain. It has more than 79 million foreign tourists come to visit it every year. Canada is considered the primary source of visitors to the USA, followed by Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, France, and finally India respectively.

Particularly, in this article, we are getting to know the best destinations to visit in this beautiful country of the USA. Destinations that you have to put on your travel bucket list to visit this year. 

1   New Orleans

New Orleans

The beautiful and historic buildings of New Orleans, USA at night

New Orleans is a city with soul, It’s seen some hard times, but it lives on with a zest for life unmatched by most places. It has a rich and long history and is filled with scrumptious French-inspired Creole and Cajun food, live jazz music, street performers, and an appreciation for all the temptations of life. 

Life is lived well here in the Big Easy. You don’t come here to relax – you come here to indulge! In my opinion, New Orleans one of the most eclectic and vibrant cities in the United States.

2. Chicago


The famous bean sculpture in Chicago, Illinois shining at night

When the weather is nice, I don’t think there’s a better city in the United States. Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has world-class food (try the deep dish, sushi, and hot dogs), the fun and kitschy Navy Pier, Millennium Park with its famous bean-shaped statue, a kick-ass aquarium, and iconic architecture (be sure to take an architecture tour).

And once the winter deep freeze is over, Chicagoans burst out of their homes to enjoy the summer weather, so there’s a positive, happy vibe emanating through the city. Take advantage of it. 

3. New York City

New York City

The iconic skyline of NYC on a bright summer day

The city that never sleeps. ‘Nuff said. You can’t go wrong here. 

4. Austin

Austin city

Austin, Texas skyline at dusk shining over the water

My new home (surprise! I moved to Austin!), and every visit here makes me love it more and more. The warm weather, the lively honky-tonks and live music, funky house bars on Rainey Street, amazing hiking and biking trails, and tons of outdoor activities… Austin has it all.

Thanks to everything from the growing food truck population to the flagship Whole Foods store with the incredible salad bar (grilled pineapple!), I eat — and eat well — nonstop. The Austin campus of the University of Texas provides a youthful vigor to the city, and its liberal attitude attracts a diverse and eclectic population. In short, you can’t skip Austin, because if you do, I’ll find you and drag you there.

5. Aspen hill

Photo credit Touropea/Aspen

One of the most famous ski resorts in the world, Aspen lies in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado. Named after the abundance of aspen trees that dot the region, the former mining camp was turned into a popular tourist destination in the mid-twentieth century and has never looked back.

Set amid some stunning snow-covered scenery, the town has four ski slopes – Aspen Highlands, Ajax Mountain, Buttermilk and Snowmass further down the valley. All of them boast large areas where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledging, and snowmobiling.

Aspen exploded as a silver mining town in the late 19th century; something reflected in the architecture from this time. Examples include the grand Wheeler Opera House and the brick built Aspen Community Church, among others. 

6. Miami 

Miami/photo credit Touropia

One of the most vivacious cities in the USA, Miami is best known for its Latin culture and sizzling nightlife. Located in southeastern Florida off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is also a major port city managing the world’s largest number of passenger cruise ships. Attracting tourists from all over the planet, Miami is a melting pot of ethnic cultures with a wide array of exciting attractions and activities.

One of Miami’s main draws is its sunny beaches that range from family resorts to party scenes and offer everything from water sports to shopping and entertainment. Across the bay from Miami on a barrier island is Miami Beach, known for its Art Deco architecture and glamorous South Beach. 

A visit to the beautiful Vizcaya Estate provides a glimpse into South Florida’s early 20th century history.

A must-do is visit the Everglades National Park to see one of the country’s most unique ecosystems that consists of swamps, sub-tropical jungles and flooded wetlands that are home to crocodiles, manatees and Florida panthers. A great way to experience the Everglades is by an airboat ride. 

7.  Greenville, South Carolina

Green valley carolina/getty images

Chosen by: Katie Jackson is a Montana-based travel writer whose work has been published by Travel + Leisure, USA TODAY, Fox News and The Sunday Times. Every trip she takes is an investment, and she likes to pay the rewards forward by helping other travelers. You can follow her adventures (and misadventures) on Instagram.

Why: Residents are so proud of being #YeahThatGreenville (the US has 35 Greenvilles), it’s the region’s most used hashtag. I don’t blame the locals for bursting with hometown pride. What sets Greenville apart from other Southern cities is its backdrop: the Blue Ridge Mountains. The 22-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail and waterfalls cascading through downtown don’t hurt either. Falls Park on the Reedy is to Greenville what Central Park is to New York. Except Central Park doesn’t boast an awe-inspiring suspension bridge floating above landscaped gardens below. Greenville also has also award-winning performance venues, North America’s only BMW museum and the most dog-friendly downtown I’ve ever seen.

Why visit now? Greenville is one of the country’s fastest growing cities, so flights are plentiful and cheap (discount airline Frontier Airlines just added service in September). Don’t leave town without trying an acai bowl at Southern Pressed Juicery or the homemade sourdough bread at the newly opened farm-to-table standout, Topsoil. My favorite place to stay is in the foothills at Hotel Domestique—a French chateau-inspired boutique hotel owned by Tour de France legend, George Hincapie. 

8. Boston 

Photo credit: timeout.com/getting images

From coast to coast, there are many great destinations proving that this country truly is America the Beautiful. The endless list of exciting things to do in the U.S. includes natural wonders, amazing restaurants and impressive buildings. Whether you’re a history buff drawn to a city’s unique architectural charms, an urban trend-seeker looking to check out next-gen coffee and record shops, or someone in need of a first-class getaway packed with cool adventures and sweet places to stay, consider the most beautiful cities in the U.S.

Why are these cities the best ones to visit in the U.S.? Heavy-hitters like New York and Los Angeles are obvious: a melting pot of cultures, unique architecture, world-renowned restaurants, top museums and cutting edge style. Colorful Las Vegas and Miami stimulate the senses with glitz, glamour, world-class restaurants and extreme experiences. In New Orleans, every day is a celebration of culture and music (and the architecture is fantastic). Other cities like Nashville and Charleston may not be on your list, but they offer history, entertainment, dining and more, all in a pretty package. 

9. Los Angeles, california

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

Sun, sand and movies in which the city is often the star make Los Angeles a place the world wants to see in real life. Start at the Hotel Erwin’s rooftop in Venice for an expansive view of the whole city, then explore everything from ocean to mountains as you criss-cross L.A. County. Expect its famous traffic to slow you down as you head to Malibu for a surfing session, make a pit stop at the Getty museum, then step in the stars’ footprints at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, blow your shopping budget on Rodeo Drive, then head south to Anaheim to pilot the Millenium Falcon at Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge universe.

Go sightseeing in Los Angeles with a bus tour.

Discover the best things to do in Los Angeles 

10. Las Vegas

Photo credit: Agoda.com

Ah, Vegas. The place that every foreigner cannot wait to visit when seeing America. More lightbulbs in one place than anywhere, more ways to gamble than your wallet can bear, the glitter, glitz, and jangling slot machines are the city’s signature, but Vegas is more than just casinos rising out of the desert. Head off the famed Strip to downtown’s fascinating Mob Museum and find out who built this decadent mecca in the first place. Eat at a world-class chef’s world-renowned restaurant (Joël Robuchon, anyone?), drive supercars at 200mph with Exotics Racing and zip out to Red Rock Canyon for a mind-bending desert experience. Whatever you want, Vegas always has it.

Take in the neon on a Las Vegas sightseeing tour.

Discover the best things to do in Las Vegas

11. Nashville

Photo credit: hotel.com

Honky tonks and museums might not seem to go together, but their marriage in Nashville is a strong one indeed. For some drinking and dancing, head straight for Broadway, where Legend’s Corner, Nudie’s and Tootsie’s have been serving up country, blues and whiskey forever. You can start early (10am) and go late into the night (3am) in Music City—if you’ve got the fortitude, of course. Day drinking not your idea of vacation fun? Start with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and move onto the museums devoted to Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and George Jones; all are right downtown and terrific. See Historic RCA Studio B, where Elvis made countless records, and drive out to the Bluebird Cafe and the Grand Ole Opry. Don’t forget that this is a party town so feel free to visit with a group, rent a barcycle (which is exactly what is sounds like) and roam among the best Nashville bars, singing as you go.

12. St. Louis

Photo credit/ forbes.com

For a small-town vibe in a big city, St. Louis is the place to be. Settled by Europeans in 1764, this “Gateway to the West” has been the center of America forever. A few musts while in town: a visit to the famous (and giant) Gateway Arch, a walk through the National Blues Museum and a stop at BB’s Jazz Blues and Soups. Clearly, blues and barbecue go hand-in-hand here, with classic BBQ joints like Pappy’s Smokehouse and Sugarfire doing slow cooking with style. Locals are so serious about the cuisine that The Q in the Lou cookoff in the fall is a hot ticket.

13. Washington, DC

Washington DC, photo credit/ history.com

One of America’s most beautiful cities, stately Washington, D.C. just keeps getting better. The National Mall is truly majestic, with the Capitol building glowing at one end, the Lincoln Memorial at the other and the various Smithsonian museums lining each side. See them all (take a look at our list of the best museums in DC for a start), but plan to spend extra time at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Beyond politics, monuments and museums, D.C. boats some cool, emerging neighborhoods like the Wharf (eat at Officina or Del Mar de Fabio Trabocchi there) and Southeast, where the Nationals play baseball and craft beer rules at Bardo Brewing and Bluejacket nearby. Take a look at our guide to where to stay in Washington, DC if you’re planning a visit.

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