5 Frequently Questions Asked By People About eNaira Is Answered, Check It Here

5 Frequently Questions Asked By People About eNaira Is Answered Here, Check It Here

All you need to know about Nigerian eNaira And How It Work

What is eNaira? 


eNaira is a centraj bank digital currency (CBDC) Issued by the Cantral Bank of Nigeria as a legal tender. It Is the digital form of the Naira and will be used just like cash,  

How do I connect my eNaire wallet to my bank account? 
The eNaira app allows customers to identify a bank of their choice, connect to their bank accounts and perform transactions. 
What makes eNatra different from the money in my bank account? 

What is an eNaira wallet? 
The eNaira wallet is a digital storage that holds the eNaira. It is bald and managed on a distributed ledger, 
The eNaira wallet is required to access, hold and use eNaira 
eNaira is the digital form of the cash and Is a diract liability on the Central Bank of Nigeria while the customer deposits are direct liabilities on the financial institutions. 

How Is eNaira wallets created? 
For amart phone users, download the eNaia 
app (termed “Speed”) from either the Google Play Store or Apple Store and complete the 
registration process.
For feature phone users, utilize USSD codes and fallow the reqistratinon prompt

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