Health Benefits Of Senna Tora Leavs To The Human Body

 Health Benefits Of Senna Tora Leavs To The Human Body

Senna Torra leavs

Hello well come to our blog, Today as you know, we bring you Tradional herbals, that will help you boost your body immune. As we know, we are falling into sick because of lack of some vitamins and proteins in our body. So we have decided to bring you this herbal medicine because some countries are in poor condition. 

They cant afford medicine if they are sick So let us started.

Must people know a plant called senna tora, senna tora is a small tree that has a green small leafs and a plenty of seeds. Must people that lives in Nigeria know the tree as (tafasa). 

People got this tree in africa especially in Nigeria. In india many companies include, Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine use senna tora to treat some sicks. Some of them are, eye problem, people use senna tora as a soup to protect and give full immune to their eye. So if you have eye problem use senna tora as soup.

Senna torra seeds

some researchers found that after A Deep investigation, they found that the plant use to treat the desease that affect (colon) and a hard excreta called (constipation). The plant use to treat an (internal heat) and plush stomach disease. And if you are over weigh you can boil senna tora leaf and drink for seven days to get slim.


And we use the root of the plant to treat snake biting. We use the leaf to treat stomach ulcer and intestinal worms. Senna tora use to treat body infection that cause itching in the body. The plant contain chrysophanic acid, and anthrone thjat use to kill fungi. The leafs of senna tora improve liver function. And the plant use for childhood teething. In addition, senna tora use to treat typhoid and malaria in the body. The leaf of the plant use to flush toxins in the stomach.

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