Historical Biography of kannywood Actress Maryam Abdullahi Yola (AB YOLA)


Maryam Abdullahi Bala (Maryam Ab Yola) is a rising star in the Hausa film industry in Nigeria. Maryam is one of the rising stars of the Hausa film industry in Northern Nigeria.

Maryam Abdullahi was born on December 25 in Yola, Adamawa State. She was a beautiful heroine who was loved by everyone.

Maryam AB Yola has had many successes just like the other famous Kannywood heroes. The actress has been interested in the Hausa film industry since she was a child and finally got a chance in 2011-2012 where she first appeared in the film “Al-kawari” and then appeared in another film. famous movie “Nass” with Hero Adam Zango

Ever since Maryam AB Yola appeared in Alkawari and Nass, the actress has been criticized by producers and directors for her relentless pursuit of her films. skills and provides all kinds of messages needed in a film. Maryam has acted in over 70 films and they are all outstanding.


The Adamawa State Actress has received many awards including the Best Fulani Hero of 2017 Award.

Actress Maryam AB Yola has posted some new pics on her Facebook and Instagram accounts which have caused fans to comment on each other with their kind words of hope and praise. on the beautiful pictures of the hero: May Allah bless you, you! Maryam you have met, Maryam I love you, Allah has given me a good wife, Maryam for my phone number so that Allah may call me, may Allah protect you from the evil of the enemies and the oppressors … and other such words and the like.

Adam A Zango’s ex-husband has not been left behind in motivating, praising and praising her on his Instagram account, which has led to rumors that she will return to her ex-husband’s home. Adam A Zango’s husband, although this is a hare story

Actress Maryam AB Yola has received many awards, awards for emerging heroes, awards and awards for Best Actress in the kannywood industry and awards for “Fresh Hausa Fulani in 2020” and other prestigious awards.

Actress Maryam AB Yola has acted in many films as follows:


.Mujadala 2018



Matar mu ce

Zainil Abidin

Matar Mu Ce

Zainab Ali

Dan Takara

Yar Siyasa

Zaruma Ta

Hikima da sauran su…

Actress Maryam AB Yola is so popular that almost every actress wants to appear in a film with her.

Finally we wish her Grace Allah to bring a good husband

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