History Of Maryam Waziri Populaly Known as Laila Labarina

History Of Maryam Waziri Populaly Known as Laila Labarina

MARYAM Waziri Populaly Known as Laila Labarina

 Short history of Maryam isah waziri. Maryam isah waziri whose mostly people known as laila. in her popular series film known as labarina. Maryam waziri is a popular actress in Nigeria, mostly in the north part of the country. and she received a huge amount of awards from kannywood. and the east part of the country.

laila was born in the year 1992, November, 9 in gombe state. Isa waziri attend her primary school in gombe, and after she finished her primary in gombe! She attend and finished her secondary school in gombe state. Maryam waziri was one of the most popular kanny wood actress and beautiful.

And she appears in most movie’s in kanywood, actress Maryam waziri has started appearing in her first movie in the year 2015, and by God grace she got a massive promotion and became celebrity from 2015 to 2021.

Maryam Waziri has played a vitals roll in Labarina hausa series film as one of the best actress in the Film apart from Nafisa Abdullahi

Her good habit in Labarina has helped her Star to shine in the kannywood film

Here are some few movies that Maryam waziri appeared. No 1 yakin mata, No 2 yan zamani, No 3 aminan juna, No 4 muguwar mace, No 5 Dan halak. And the the latest and going series labarina. Maryam waziry is a popular known as Laila. She Doesn’t get married. like how some people think. The popular actress have 29 years old. And she has a networth of $35,5000.

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