Nigerian 5G Network Advantage and the Health challenge To The Human Being

Nigerian 5G Network Advantage and the Health challenge To The Human Being

Nigerian 5G Network Advantage and the Health challenge To human being

This year January Nigeria is going to launch five G network, according to Minister of Communication Dr Isa Ali Pantami 

but there’s so many speculation attach to it some views says that five G is causing a serious health challenge even during lock down in Nigeria many people says that covid 19 has relationship with five g and is not true .

 Minister of communication prof isa Ali Pantami says that Nigeria deserves five g network to boost it network capacity.

Nigerian ICT is the fastest ICT in the whole Africa in fact is the most developed ICT because so many activities are online in Nigeria. Example : voters card registration , national id card registration , banking system, weather analysis, school programmes and schools registration and so many things are going on through online,  by virtue of the above examples Nigeria really needs five g network to make the system more faster than we are having Now.

Five g network has uncountable advantages on the socio-economic development in Nigeria due to the fact that World is global village now, where ever you are you can communicate with one another via various platforms. 

Having five g in Nigeria will definitely contributed immensely to the development of every sectors in Nigeria. the followings are the possible development that 5g can bring:

Banking system needs powerful network that will boost its transactions, of course having five g network will make banks transactions  very fast and effective. 

It will boost the security situation in Nigeria, we are facing security problems in Nigeria security personnel’s need effective network to be able to communicate with one another 

Market systems, daily transactions in the Nigerian market system are almost all about making transfers by using smart phones and this needs effective service on the ground to avoid any possible problems. 

Five g network will also boost the revenue target by the government. Government will record significant boost in the revenue when 5g is implemented. 

Educational institutions also run their activities by using network as such they need sound network to run all their programmes effectively and efficiently. 

Many people are now running various schools programmes at home by using computers and smart phones and without sound network they cannot do so. 

Finally, five g network will definitely help Nigeria to achieve its dreams because it will boost so many sectors and provide millions of jobs opportunities in the country respectively.  

And we are hoping that NCC NITDA and the whole ministry of communication will make that this dream is successful. And also ministry of communication should put eyes on the network providers about the issues of data cost and quality of data provided by the communications companies. 

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