Names of Some Communities Renamed by British

 Names of Some Communities Renamed by British

 1: Owerri – Original Name: Owe Ere

 2: Orlụ – Original name: Ọlụ 

 3: Awkuzu – Original Name: Ọkụ Ụzọ Achagbunam

 4: Okigwe – Original name: Oka Igwe

 5: Enugu – Original name: Enu Ugwu: It is a mountain town

 6: Okpaala –  Original Name: Ọkpụ Ala Ngwa

7: Port Harcourt- Original name: Igwe Ọcha

 8: Opobo – Original name: Igwe Nga

 9: Bonny – Original Name: Ubani

 10: Oyigbo- Original name: Obi Igbo

 11:Abakiliki- Original Name :Abakeleke


12: Mbaise – Original Name: Agbaaja, Ahiara, Ekwerazụ, Oke Ovoro and Ezinihite They are Five independent villages but the white man force them to answer Mbaise as one village , The Mbaise people have a different culture that they believe in.

 13: Asaba – Original Name: Ahaba 

 14: Onitsha – Original Name: Onicha

 15: Ibusa – Original  Name: Igbo Ụzọ

 16: Ogwashi Original name: Ọgwa Ahi. They are from  Nri 

17:Awka – Oka

18: Awkunanaw – Okunnano,

19 Amawbia- Amaobia, 

 20: Umuahia- Ọma ahịa 

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