Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme To Shortlists 20,000 Successful Graduates

 Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme To Shortlists 20,000 Graduates


The Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme in partnership with the United Nation Development Project (UNDP) has closed the portal for the recruitment of 20,000 suitable and qualified graduates

Graduates will gain relevant skills and build the right networks for the future in various sectors including information and communications technology

Graduates will also gain kills relating to financial services, trade, manufacturing, agriculture, and agro-processing. Mining, telecommunications, creative industries and technology, education, health, research and development, and public sector institutions.

Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme will be highly competitive.

 A competitive selection process will be used to collect 20,000 graduates

A total of 20,000 graduates will be placed in both private and public sectors across industries and will be paid N920, 000 for a duration of 12 calendar months

See Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme- Register Online

For now, the selection process for shortlisting 20,000 graduates into the Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme is ongoing, we will appraise you with the latest development regarding this

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