The Kusugu well is an ancient well located in Daura, Nigeria. The well is famous for its relation to the legend of the hero Bayajidda defeating the snake Sarki. The well and Bayajidda’s supposed dagger are now a tourist attraction.

According to Hausa myth, Hausa communities have been living in Central Sudan (much of modern-day Northern Nigeria & some part of Niger) for over 2000 years. Daura was believed to be one of the largest Hausa cities of that time. It had queens as head of government that oversee the affairs of the people. During the reign of Queen Daurama, the major source of water for Daura was the Kusugu well. But people were only allowed to fetch water on fridays because of a strange snake that lives inside the well.

That was how people continue to starve until one day when a person who was believed to be a Baghdadi prince, Bayajidda (Abu Yazid) came to Daura because he could not get the throne after the death of his father. The brave Prince after lodging in the house of one old woman in the name of Ayyana, requested for water, but he was not given enough. He then requested to be shown the well to fetch water. He was warned about a strange snake. He went to the well and eventually killed the snake after a fight. The queen then married him and he became a King. Because he could not speak Hausa before, people started calling him Bayajidda, meaning, he don’t understand before.

He had seven children that ruled over the seven Hausa states that are called Hausa Bakwai. The Kusugu well is where the giant snake Sarki was killed with a by Bayajida in the 10th century because the snake would only allow the people of Daura to fetch water from the well only once a week, mainly Fridays.

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