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There’s has been lot of argument over which tribes owns Lokoja which the ebira claims is theirs without any backing or history that back their claim. But I have history backing the Igala.

On 3rd September 1841, some groups of white men came to Idah to visit the Attah who by that time is Attah Amocheje son of Itodo Aduga to have meeting with him to stop slaves trade in Igala land which by then was rampant. He agrees to stop the slaves trade and embrace peace. There also ask of the King to share his farmland for them to stay and also some black slave can farm. Also for them(white men) to supervise and rule the two protectorate so that peace will stay.

Even though it is hard and difficult for him. the Attah agrees to their demand. The white men under the command of their Queen , brought a agreement paper before the king to sign as an agreement. But he allows his chief head of law to sign unbehalf of him.

After then, the white men thank him and gave him some gift, the land he gave them was “lelikoja”(lokoja) and the surrounding of “AJA-AMA OKUTA” but the white men find it difficult in calling it then they begin to call it “lokoja” and “Ajaokuta”. From there the rule Nigeria as the first capital of northern and southern protectorate. The town begins to receive different people as the capital. And many structure begins to start. The first settlers of lokoja was the white men which the Attah told to stay for a while and also to rule from there(not ebira).

With this I don’t think any Ebira will still argue that there owns Lokoja, what that surprise me most is some of their community that there have chief, if we research into it, you will discover that it all started in1900s. The real agreement paper picture which the White men gave the Attah to sign is in many Igala books which proves it. Have researched on this and read all this from many history booking back.

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