Application for Jaiz Bank SUKUK Subscription Has Open Here’s The Guide On How To Apply

 Application for Jaiz Bank SUKUK Subscription Has Open Here’s The Guide On How To Apply

SUKUK IJARAH Subscription is the non interested investment by Jaiz Bank Nigeria, where you’ll invest minimum of 10,000.00N to 1 million naira and get 12.80% Annum.

Kindly note that Applications must be made in accordance with the instructions set out below. Also, endeavour to please follow these instructions to avoid rejection of applications as a result of non-compliance. You may consult your Financial Advisers for guidance before completing this Form.

The SUKUK IJARAH Subscription is a federal government program that will allow you to make an investment in Jaiz Bank of Nigeria and be earning 18% fer Annually.

The subscription Begon from 10,000 Naira to 10,000,000 Naira within the next upcoming 10 years, the portal Has Open for now and will be close on 22/11/2021.

I have made a Research about SUKUK IJARAH Subscription and I found that many people are making allot of money about it and not everyone has a knowledge about the SUKUK subscription.

This is a chance givens to All Nigerian to apply for The subscription because your are not to pay a single Kobo to the Jaiz Bank as interest rather you will get your own percentage of your total subscription (18%).

The portal to apply, how to apply where to make subscription has already explained in my site so you can check out the full details about SUKUK IJARAH Subscription Here.

          Application for Jaiz Bank SUKUK Subscription Has Open Here’s The Guide On How To Apply 

Note: All SUKUK IJARAH Subscription payment are to be made in Jaiz Bank then I have explained how to verify your subscription with Jaiz Bank using Jaiz Bank Data Form Wich I also provide in the above post And every other needed explanation about Jaiz Bank SUKUK IJARAH Subscription payment.


Applications must be made only on the official form as prescribed by the FGN Roads Sukuk Company 1 Plc.

Applications must be for a minimum of N10,000.00 and thereafter, in multiples of N1,000.00. The value of the Sukuk applied for should be entered in the appropriate box.

The Application Form, when completed, should be lodged with the Financial Advisers or Placement Agents. 

Applicant must be accompanied by full payment for the amount applied for, which must be paid to the Receiving Banks at the time of submission.

Applicants should note that No Charges or Fees would be paid by investors.

For the purpose of this application, residency classification refers to the country where the Applicant(s) permanently resides as at the time of filling the Application Form, Applicant(s) must indicate his/their residency classification in the appropriate box provided.

For joint applications, information on the Applicants should be provided in the appropriate boxes. However, all correspondence will be addressed to the first named Applicant.

An application form from a group of individuals should be made in the names of those individuals with no mention of the names of the group.

An application by a firm, which is not registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, should be made either in the name of the proprietor or in the names of the individual partners. In neither case should the name of the firm be mentioned.

An application from a corporation must bear the corporate body’s seal and be signed in accordance with the company’s signature mandate by duly authorized officials. A corporate stamp may be used where the corporate seal is not available.

An application from a pension or provident fund must be in line with the guidelines of the National Pension Commission with regard to the custody of the pension assets.

An application by an illiterate person should bear his right thumb print on the Subscription Form and be witnessed by an official of the Financial Adviser or Bank at which the application is lodged, who must first have explained the meaning and effect of the application to the illiterate person in his own language. The witness should indicate his name and signature in the appropriate box.

The applicant should not print his signature. If he is unable to sign in the normal manner he should be treated for the purpose of this offer as an illiterate and his right thumb should be clearly impressed on the Subscription Form.

Here’s the link to subscribe 

After you have subscription kindly fill in the form provide by Jaiz Bank portal 

Here’s the SUKUK Data Form

Note it’s after you made a payment then you fill in the form And verify your details by inserting the federal government SUKUK account number and the account number you made your payment, then Insert your BVN number, click on verification bottom.

Note: SUKUK subscription Application form will be close on 22/11/2021.
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