How to Apply for 247 Digital Platform for Fermers Agricultural Initiative Loans?

How to Apply for 247 Digital Platform for Fermers Agricultural Initiative Loans?

 247 Digital Platform for Farmers’ is Nigeria’s premier Agricultural initiative for Farmers. Incorporated in April, 2013, 247 Digital Platform for Farmers’ leverages modern agriculture to deliver inclusive farming.

We work to help farmers and rural citizens obtain funds needed to fund their operation, purchase property, and more. Additionally, they combine agricultural and business knowledge with an understanding of each customer’s current financial position in order to provide workable alternatives to solve problems.

247 Digital Platform for Farmers’ belief is that everyone irrespective of education, social or economic status and location should have access to Agricultural mechanisation and other essential services required by farmers with ease and convenience. We seek to provide the accessibility of farm tools to farmers, at Affordable price, which is available at their door steps and Awareness of digital financial services and loans.

With 247 Digital Platform for Farmers’, every registered farmer can easily enjoy access to funds and properties with just a simple application and minor collateral that’s traceable.

We welcome all Farmers across the country to join our platform inorder to benefit from the services which we hope every Nigerian farmer to enjoy in order to support the Social development goals (SDGs) 8 which call for economic growth.








To become the leading provider of farming tools and funds that support agricultural activities in Nigeria


To bring farming tools, machines and funds closer to all farmers by providing tailored virtual training and coaching for them across different kinds of farming, irrespective of their economic or social status and location.


We have designed our membership registration into two categories in order to differentiate between the individual and the cooperative society.
This type of registration is for normal individual farmers who wish to voluntarily join our initiative in order to contribute his/her own quota of development toward the advancement of Agricultural activities and farming and in return benefit from the range of services which we offer to our registered members to mention equipment, training and funds. Requirements for registration include means of identification, passport, valid email and phone number.
Farmers Cooperative Society
This type of registration i s mainly for registered farmers cooperative society limited that’s dedicated toward Agricultural activities or farming. Members of the cooperative benefit alot because they have organized themselves toward a common goal with a well organized structure. Requirements for registration include certificate of registration, Tax identification number (TIN), valid email address of the cooperative, Chairman and secretary valid means of identification, passport and any other requirement deemed necessary during registration
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