MTN Nigeria lunch MTN Zigi Chat Bot that can Allow you to Win MTN 1 GB Every Hour

 MTN Nigeria lunch MTN Zigi Chat Bot that can Allow you to Win MTN 1 GB Every Hour 

MTN Zigi chat bot

TELECOMMTN Nigeria Introduces ‘Zigi’ A New Digital Online AssistantPublished 1 year agoon November 25, 2020By Ugo Onwuaso
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MTN Nigeria is set to launch ‘Zigi,’ an online assistant chatbot designed to enhance customers’ digital interactions with the brand, and provide speedy and secure marketing, sales and technical support.
Customers will be able to interact with the chatbot on multiple channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, the official MTN website and myMTN App.
It will provide a wide range of services including account balance checks, airtime, data purchases and answers to frequently asked questions.
The chatbot will also have the ability to transfer customers to a live agent. These channels and varying features will be rolled out in phases as ‘Zigi’ continues to evolve to offer comprehensive support and services to all customers interested in interacting with MTN through ‘Zigi’.
Commenting on the launch of ‘Zigi,’ Ugonwa Nwoye, chief Customer Relations Officer, MTN Nigeria, said, “Zigi offers personalised, intuitive and prompt service to our customers.
Her introduction will not take away the customer’s access to live agents but will serve as the first point of contact for customers who choose to interact with Zigi.’
“We believe that ‘Zigi’ will ensure increased convenience which translates to better experiences for our customers, which is at the core of our purpose as a business.”
On his own part, Srinivas Rao, chief Digital Officer, MTN, said the launch of ‘Zigi’ aligns with MTN’s digital transformation objectives.
“We now live in a fast-paced digital age with new technological advancements driving the constantly changing landscape.
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“This is why at MTN, we are determined to lead digital transformation which will provide easy-to-use connectivity solutions; improve customer experience and maintain the highest quality of service for everyone in our ecosystem,” he said 

How to obtain MTN Zigi Chat one GB 

MTN Zigi chat


 Congratulations on this occasion, today we are going to come up with a plan that you can get 1gb for every MTN Line using an MTN Plan called MTN ZIGI CHATBOT This is a system where you have to enter your phone number and you will be asked questions and if you answer you will be given 1gb for free, here’s how

 1- you will first enter this link 

MTN Zigi chat Link 

2- If it opens then look from the bottom you will see An icon on the right side like Cartoon then click 2- When it opens, log in (Start a new Conversation). 

3- Then select where to put the Phone number, then click submit

 4- They will send you the OTP at this number, then copy them down and click go 5- Then click on Other Articles, then go to the Post (igi Zigi Daily Freebies) 

6- It will bring up another Zoom Trivia script. 

7- It will then bring you a script like this: (Win great prizes 🏆 on Zoom Trivia . 1GB up for grabs within the hour. Click here to get started) 

8- Click Here

 9- Clicking on it will take you to another page, where you will be able to answer questions, in two and a half minutes. Click Play to answer, 

10- There are 3 questions and you can answer them in 2 and a half minutes, leave Nutsu and answer, because you have to pay 100% and they will give you 1gb for free, if you do not answer they will not give you,

 11- If you do not answer the question you can try again in an hour, This is the way to get 1gb free on any MTN line They also have a whatsapp bot which you can also follow directly say (Hi) and it will list questions if you answer then get 1gb free, For their whatsapp bot then click talk to him directly

MTN Zigi WhatsApp number 

MTN Zigi WhatsApp chat

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