NYSC Update: Tips to guide PCMs for Date of Birth (DOB) Correction 2022

 NYSC Update: Tips to guide PCMs for Date of Birth (DOB) Correction 2022

Today Agajahub publisher under NYSC update has come up with the process and procedure needed for the PCM to change to change there date of birth

Steps to change your NYSC date of birth

1. Apply for Date of Birth Correction on your dashboard with WAEC. You can get the WAEC Verification pin in any First Bank branch.

2. The DOB link is active on your dashboard during Online Registration, ensure you make use of it appropriately.

3. The WAEC Certificate must be equal or more than four (4) years as at the time of graduation.

4. Do not use another person’s WAEC detail to apply, it will be dissaproved.

5. Ensure there is no disparity of names on your WAEC and that of your dashboard.

6. A notification will be sent to your mail when your application have been processed.

You are expected to login and check your Mobilization status on your dashboard.

7. If your status did not change, it means you are still exempted and  your Exemption Certificate will be processed.

8. Go to your Institution after three (3) months and collect your Exemption Certificate. 

9. You cannot apply for DOB Correction after Camp Registration.

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