How To Recognize That You Are Among The Beneficiaries Of The N30,000 RRR NASSCO Partner.

How To Recognize That You Are Among The Beneficiaries Of The N30,000 RRR NASSCO Partner.


Today Agajahub publisher has launched a new search to prove to you the reasons and resources you can use to find out if you are a beneficiary of the RRR / NASSCO Grant.

About RRR Radid Respond Registry

The RRR assists local and state public health agencies and disaster relief agencies to speed up the registration of people exposed to or potentially exposed to chemicals or other harmful substances during a disaster.

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The RRR’s ATSDR research tool provides local and state organizations with the tools to register respondents and other people exposed to chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons from disasters. It is a two-page research tool that can be distributed on paper or electronically. It can be implemented quickly to gather data to identify and identify victims and people affected by the disaster.

How to determine if you are a beneficiary of the N30,000 RRR program

As it is known the RRR rapid response register is for the poor, the weak and the victims of the corona plague.

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According to the plan, the subsidy will be N5,000 for a period of 6 months, which is N5,000 6 times.

How do you know if you are in the system meaning you got into that system.

First of all, after you have filled in the phone number and code of your city or neighborhood then no shikenan bah if your name comes up you will be called or go to your name and then you will be taken as follows:

  • BVN number
  • Account nunber
  • Bank Name
  • Are you single
  • Your name
  • Your wife’s name
  • Your children’s names, Etc.

So if this information is taken from you then you can see the entry of this N30,000 into your account.

So, if you have given your information, then calm down, God willing, if you have a share, then you will benefit.

So calm down because we are not pushing back and people are still pushing this amount up to N30,000.

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