List Of 28 Schools waiving GRE This 2022/23

List Of 28 Schools waiving GRE This 2022/23

●    Florida State University 

• Illinois State University 

MA Sociology, MFA, Agribusiness, Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Agricultural Science etc. 


• Ball State University (Feb 1, 2022) 

Department of Mathematical Sciences 


Department Social Work 


• East Tennessee State University 

MA History, MS Chemistry, MS Clinical Nutrition, MS Computer Science 

Master of Public Health, and MS Social Work 


• Western Michigan University (Feb 1) 

Master of International Development Administration, MS Geography 

MA & MS Chemistry, MA Applied Economics, Master of Public Health 

MSc Statistics, MS Mathematics 


• Eastern Illinois University (Feb) 

MA Economics, MA Political Science, MS Sustainability, MA Mathematics, MS Technology 

• Youngstown State University (15th February) 

MS Mathematics, Social Work, Economics, Financial Economics, Criminal Justice, Gerontology, Industrial and Systems Engineering 

• University of Illinois Springfield 


School of Public Management and Policy, MS Environmental Studies 

• University of Toledo 

MBA, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Geography, History and Sociology 


• University of Arkansas 

• New Mexico State University 

Communication Studies, Economics, Chemistry, Social Work 


• University of Nevada Reno 


• University of Pittsburgh (Conditional) 

Financial support is available to you. Financial awards, including graduate student researcher (GSR) positions, teaching fellowships (TFs), teaching assistantships (TAs), graduate student assistantships (GSAs), and other fellowships, are awarded by individual schools or programs, typically as part of an admissions offer. 


• Department of Education, Department of Social Work, School of 

Computing and Information, Swanson Engineering 

• Texas A & M University 


School of Public Health, College of Engineering (First round of financial consideration done, Dec. 15), College of Science 

• Stony Brook University 


• Northeastern University 


• The Khoury College of Computer Sciences 

• The College of Professional Studies 

• Syracuse University 

• MS Information Systems Application 


• Other programs 

• California State University Fullerton 

• University of Virginia 

• Computer Science 


• University of Minnesota Twin Cities 

• Department of Computer Science and Engineering 

(MS Computer Science and Data Science) 

• University of California Santa Barbara 

• University of California Riverside 

• University of North Carolina Charlotte 


• Computer Science 

• Arizona State University 

• Truman State University (No Application Fee) 

• MA English

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