Multiple Opportunities: Apply For Scholarship In 20 Different Places For Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Students

 Multiple Opportunities: Apply For Scholarship In 20 Different Places For Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Students

Today we’ve come up with 20 Different categories of scholarship in different countries for both Undergraduate Masters and PhD student, kindly follow the instructions and read the whole article to see which opportunity is suitable for you.

MSc and PhD projects are available in mantle petrology research MSc and PhD projects are available in mantle petrology research

Several projects suitable for MSc or PhD are available in the field of mantle petrology, including petrologic and geochemical studies of eclogite xenoliths from the Lace and Blaauwbosch kimberlites and investigations into the variety of ilmenite sources in Kaapvaal Craton kimberlites with applications to kimberlite and diamond exploration.


Graduate research opportunities in glasses and geological melts.

Investigation of silicate and germanate glass structure using difference anomalous X-ray scattering (DAXS) and isotope substituted neutron scattering. We are interested in probing the median range structure of alkali silicate and germanate glasses in order to investigate the affect this structure has on the physical behaviour of the glasses as well as geologically relevant melts.

Fully funded M.Sc. or Ph.D. position: Biogeochemical carbon & sulfur cycling in Crawford Lake 

We search a motivated and dedicated individual to investigate the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and sulfur in the watercolumn of a small meromictic lake in the vincinity of TORONTO🇨🇦

We search a motivated and dedicated individual to investigate the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and sulfur in the watercolumn of a small meromictic lake in the vincinity of Toronto. Previous experience with water sampling and/or isotope geochemistry would be an asset. Excellent academic standing, ability to swim, independence and a knack for solving practical and mechanical problems are a prerequisite. The project can either be started on the Masters or the Ph.D. level.

Project inquiries can be directed to

Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology 🇨🇦

A graduate research assistantship is available to pursue research in microorganism– mineral interactions, to evaluate the role of bacterial extracellular polymers to precipitation carbonates and iron minerals in biofilms combining microscopic and spectroscopic methods and field studies. The student will join a research group working on several funded projects focusing on biogeochemistry of phototrophic and heterotrophic bacteria in aquatic systems.


Biogeochemistry Research Opportunity 🇨🇦

Development of molecular markers for the study of carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry

Plants, microbes, and anthropogenic organic sources have distinct molecular fingerprints which can be used to monitor a number of environmental processes throughout the biogeosphere. This project will aim to develop and apply these methods to study: carbon and nitrogen cycling, fluxes of terrestrial carbon into marine systems, and paleoclimatic reconstruction in Arctic Lake sediments.

Graduate Student Position in Mineral Physics Lab 🇺🇸

The mineral physics lab at the Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, the University of Texas at Austin invites applications for graduate student positions towards a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in mineral physics. The Jackson School of Geosciences has exceptionally well-funded research programs and offers a number of scholarships to support graduate students for an extended period of time. 

Candidates with strong background and/or interest in physics (solid state physics), math, and geophysics/geochemistry are strongly encouraged to apply. Our mineral physics research programs focuses on high pressure-temperature experimental studies on materials properties using synchrotron X-ray and optical spectroscopies in a diamond anvil cell. Information about the graduate student programs at the Jackson School is available at:

Please contact Dr. Jung-Fu Lin at for further information.

The GeoFluids Research Group 🇺🇸has immediate opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral study. Dr. Flemings is most enthused by students who have a commitment to a doctoral program because that allows time to delve deeply into research. However, he also regularly accepts exceptional M.S. students into our research group. If you are interested, please e-mail, Peter Flemings (

Current Research Opportunities:

1. Hydrate Melting:

Examine the melting of methane hydrates in Arctic systems. DOE funded effort will examine the impact of warming over human time scales and longer. The project description is found here. We are looking for students and post-doctoral scientists with a fascination for marine geology and a yen for quantitative analysis of fluid flow.

2. Mass Transport in Shales:

Study transport processes in shale systems! You will perform permeability testing of shales (e.g. the Barnett, the Marcellus�) and develop multi-scale numerical models to describe mass transport within these systems. The work will include both laboratory analysis and sample characterization. This project is supported by Shell.

3. GeoPressure Analysis:

Study geopressure in sedimentary basins through our industry funded consortium UTGeoFluids. Dr. Flemings is always looking for students with a yen to characterize and model overpressure in sedimentary basins.

4. Mudrock Geomechanics:

Study the geomechanics of mudrocks through experimental analysis. This research is supported by UTGeoFluids. In this research, we analyze both intact samples (from industry and the ocean drilling program) and we synthetically create mudrocks. We ask fundamental questions such as:

How to mudrocks compact?

What is the permeability of mudrocks and how does it evolve?

What is the strength of mudrocks?

MSc or PhD Student 🇺🇸

Our team is almost always interested in recruiting new graduate students who are interested in paleoecology, marine communities, carbonate sedimentology, and/or geobiology.

Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences


Paleoclimate reconstructions and modern hydrology of karst systems 🇺🇸

Our group reconstructs regional climate change in response to global change using speleothems and tree rings. These studies are advanced by analysis of modern karst hydrologic systems in which the speleothems are found. New opportunities for graduate research in this area are available for students applying for Fall admission. Contact Jay Banner at

Urbanization and water resources 🇺🇸

Our group studies the impacts of urbanization on hydrologic systems using geochemical, field, laboratory, and modeling methods. New opportunities for graduate research in this area are available for students applying for Fall admission. 

Contact Jay Banner at

PhD/MS opportunities 🇺🇸

My group welcomes new students with strong motivations on understanding how solid Earth and planets operate and its impacts on shaping habitable surface environments. Prospective students are expected to have a STEM background. If these describe you, feel free to contact me through email for position openings in my group.



Seismology Research Group

University of British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

Research Team

Research Opportunities in various MICROBIOLOGY RESEARCH AREAS

at the University of Washington 🇺🇸

Faculty Accepting 499 Students


Graduate Research Opportunities in various Mathematics Research Areas 🇺🇸

University of Pittsburgh 

Department of Mathematics

Browse through the ongoing department research projects and contact the faculty members who specialize in your areas of interest.  We want to hear your ideas



. Apply.

PhD opportunity on poultry, histopath, immunohistochemistry, University of Queensland, Australia

 Contact me if you are interested and please share within your network.


., [Mar 14, 2022 at 04:51]

Do you have an MSC in Food Science, with affinity for sensory and consumer research? PhD opening to investigate the chemical and sensory characterization of native ingredients for culinary applications in meat-based dishes, New Zealand



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The University of Surrey, UK 🇬🇧 offers a fully funded PhD opportunity to Study Novel Processing Technologies for Food Safety and Quality

 for applicants should have a minimum of a 2:1 degree and Masters n Chemical Engineering, food science, chemistry.

Ph.D. opportunity on ‘Terahertz Communications Protocols for Data Centers’  Department of Computing, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland. 

The last date to apply is 21 of March 2022.

Interest candidates can find the details from the link below:

Agajahub publishers

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