Nasims Update: NASIMS has issued a press statement over The misinformation peddled around NASIMS on social media.

  Nasims Update:NASIMS   has issued a press   statement over The   misinformation   peddled around   NASIMS on social   media. 



 The National Social Investment   Program of Nigeria is a social welfare   initiative created by the Federal   government of Nigeria in 2015 under   the direction of the National Social   investment Office. The Program was   created to ensure a more equitable   distribution of resources to   vulnerable  populations, including   children, youth, and women. Under   President Muhammadu Buhari the   office has created four programs to   address poverty and help increase   economic development.

  According to NASIMS, there are lot of   misinformation peddled around   NASIMS on social media. Such stories   forced NASIMS to clear the air.

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 The press statement reads:


 Our attention has been drawn to a   vicious and acrimonious posts already   gained wide circulation in social   domain asserting to have emanated   from Nasims/Npower officials, and we   stand to debunk such ferocious step   possibly from unscrupulous element   simed at creating unnecessary tension.

 Please note, Nasims/npower are   official  platforms under the Ministry of   Humanitarian Affairs with reputable   staff, and as such, prior to any   publication all posts or press releases   pass through process of scrutiny to   ensure absolute conformity to ethics .   As a matter of fact, vulgar words are   highly prohibited not only in our   ethics   but also in formal setting.

 To that effect, Nasims/N’Power can   Never reciprocate indignant reactions   from beneficiaries as a result of   payment delay with sore update, but   always responsive to fact as we chose   our words correctly and appropriately.

 Therefore, Nasims/Npower hereby   exonerate itself from such vicious   publication emanating from cloned   site.

 Such information are fake so we are   warning you to distance yourself from   such information.

 Be wary of your source of information   and please, stay glued to the right c       channel for authentic information.

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