P-YES Salary Structure 2022– Applicants Take Note.

P-YES Salary Structure 2022– All Applicants Take Note.

P-yes salary structure

P-YES Salary Structure – It’s no more news that P-yes registration kicked off weeks ago and the registration is finally over.

P-yes is one of the federal government social scheme set up to ameliorates teeming Nigerian youth of joblessness. The scheme was first kicked off during first term of President Buhari administration.

Social Schemes 

The federal government of Nigeria had many social programme that Nigerians within the age of 18-35 years benefits from. 

Among the social programme is the n-power programme.

N-power programme had ran since first year of Buhari taken the center stage. The social programme have had batch A, B, and C respectively with bounty numbers of beneficiaries in the batches


The federal government of Nigeria relaunch the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) to cater for 774,000 Nigerians.

 The application had been closed after weeks of registration window. Nigerians submitted application via different medium.

P-YES Salary Structure

P-yes salary has been a major concern for applicants. 

Many questioned how much would the federal government pay beneficiaries of P-YES. 

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The number of searches on Google is alarming. 

At the moment, there’s over a thousand searches of P-YES Salary Structure.

P-yes Salary would be in range of what the Federal Government pay other social programme beneficiaries. 

P-YES Salary could not be higher or lower.

How Much is N-power Beneficiaries Paid?

For instance, beneficiaries of N-power are been paid N30,000 monthly. It has been like so since the N-power started in 2016. 

The beneficiaries in batches A, B and C are recipients of such amount.

How Much is NYSC Paid?

The participants in the NYSC are receiving even stipends at the end of the month. The stipends is audacious at N33,000 monthly. This cut across the 36 states of Nigeria. The amount was moved from N19,500 to such amount.

How Much Would P-YES Beneficiaries Received?

The federal government is yet to announce how much would beneficiaries receive. 

However, any amount the government would be willingly pay can’t be less than or greater than what the government pay beneficiaries of other social programme.

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