Apply for 2022 Funds for Students Challenges, The Fund To Be Fill By African countries Only.

Apply for 2022 Funds for Students Challenges,  The Fund To Be Fill By African countries Only.

2022 Student challenges fund

Table of content:

1.1 About the 2022 fund  for student challenges.

1.2 Requirements

1.3 Benefit of the fund.

1.4 How to Apply for the fund.

1.1 About the 2022 fund  for student challenges.

The IMF’s African Department (AFR), Asia and Pacific Department (APD), Institute for Capacity Development (ICD), and Middle East and Central Asia Department (MCD), in collaboration with the IMF Office of Innovation and Change (OIC), invite economics students to join the 2022 Fund Challenge. 

1.2 Requirements. 

Pre-qualification requirements for participating in the 2022 Fund Challenge are as follows: 

  • Each Students must be currently enrolled in undergraduate degree programs (including class of 2022) in economics or a related field at an institution of higher learning in any AFR, APD or MCD member country to be eligible to compete in the Fund Challenge. 
  • Each team must consist of two students of the same institution of higher learning. Each team wishing to participate should register only once using the Fund Challenge Registration Site by June 1. 
  • Registration will require providing the contact information of a faculty member who can then verify the team’s enrollment at an institution of higher learning in any AFR, APD, or MCD member country. 

You Also Apply for the following:

SEIFAC UPDATE: The National Programme Coordinator Of SEIFAC Mr. Patrick Abuk Has Enlightened Members on Modus Operandi, Awaits CBN Disbursement.

Muhimmin Sako Zuwa Ga Masu Neman Tallafin RRR N30,000, Hukumar Bayarda Tallafin  Wato “NASSCO” Yanzu Haka Ta fitarda Muhimmiyar Sanarwa.

Hukumar NASSCO Wacce Ke Bada Tallafin Kudin Covid-19 Na 30k Ta Fitar Da Sanarwa Cewa Ranar Lahadi Ne 05/06/2022 Zata Dakatar Da Capturing Data Wato Daukar Bayanan Mutanen Da Sukayi Register da Da wannan Program Na RRR Ta Hanyar Amfani Da Code Din Da Akaba Kowace Anguwa.

  • Each Teams who successfully complete the required online course will be asked to analyze a new case study developed by ICD, Each team will then submit a presentation that (a) describes the current economic situation in the case study, and (b) recommends policies to address the identified challenges. 
  • Presentations may be prepared in English or French and submitted in any format (MS PowerPoint is recommended), but please note that the MDSx course and new case study will only be available in English. The process and deadlines for submitting presentations will be communicated on September 6. 

1.3 Benefit.

This is an opportunity to meet policy makers, academics, and civil society organizations from around the world.

1.4 How to Apply?

interested person should click on the below link to Apply.

For questions or concerns, please contact

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